The Easiest Small Business Success Tip

Posted by Michael Hartzell on Fri, Jun 04, 2010


Be friends.  That's it.  That is the thought for the day to help your small business be successful.  

I remember when someone said "just want to be friends" to the time when "hey, we are friends so loan me money" to "hey, if you are my friend you will share" to "we are no longer friends since you hurt my feelings". Uh oh.  I think I remember too about that one time someone said: "Want to be my friend?  I will make you VERY happy." Wink. Wink. 

Now it is click, we are friends. What a friendly world. 

When you combine the classic mantra by Jay Conrad Levinson: "...treat them like friends, family or royalty", does that mean to be successful as a small business owner one simply has to do a lot of clicking?

Don't think so.

Think deeper.  Treat them like a true friend.  What words are conjured to the mind when this is said?

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