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Business Success Story Video from Matt Cutts: Google SEO Report Card

What would happen if your business did what Matt Cutt's talks about in this video?  Would you see better success?  Is everyone too wrapped up in search engine bots and failing to ask enough about what real people want and need? 

Isn't there a problem in that change is an absolute and the chances of knowing which technology will do what is yet to be determined.

If this does not serve to be an example to cause you to pause and ponder, then it is time for you to  re-think your business.  The words:  "user experience" popped up in the video.  More than once.  Give service to people first since they are the one with the clicker and the money in hand.

Lastly?  How willing are you to put the report card on the public wall of your business?  Is it risk?  Or is it genius?   How will you do so?  Do you have a report card?

What do you think? 

By the way... You do know about the Webinar coming up, right?

Push Button Tech Tools, Doing Twice as Much in Half the Time.

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