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Google vs Google | Business Success Tips from Sam Richter

Google for Business success

Sam Richter helps you find things.  Sam Richter helps businesses get leads and do the homework to determine which cold leads will become warm leads.  When you understand how to find the information you are looking for your business will be much more successful.  You will then use the same information to have your business get found as well.  I am a fan, supporter and reader of Sam Richter.  He approaches the Internet not quite like anyone I know.  It would be well worth your time and money to attend one of his online webinars (for free or a fee).  When you calculate the amount of time you spend searching now, the next decision will be an obvious YES should he extend an invitation.

Here is but a small part of his latest article about the changes in Google:

May 6, 2010

- The New Google

So you woke up this morning, fired up your computer, conducted a Google search and asked yourself, "what the heck happened!?"

Yes...Google changed its result interface today. After many months of testing, Google launched its new search results page featuring different sorting options along the left side. (You may have actually even participated in the beta test without knowing it during the past year as Google was randomly releasing and testing the new results pages to see where people clicked). In addition, you'll also notice that Google changed its logo—it's now brighter and there is no longer a shadow.

NOTE: to see the new Google, you may have to open your browser and empty/delete your browser's cache and cookies and then go to google.com.

google logos

Many of the sorting options in the new Google results page have been around for a while. However, they have just been hidden under the "Show Options" link. I say hidden because when I do my training/keynote speaking, if there are 1,000 people in the room and I ask how many have ever clicked on "Show Options"—even though it has been on every Google search result for the past year meaning everyone in the room has seen it multiple times per day or thousands of times total—at best, maybe a dozen hands go up. With this new release, Google has decided to permanently show its "show options."

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Like me, although I find the results page a bit cluttered now and more like BingAsk in its appearance, the new sorting options will make finding information easier and hopefully more intuitive. In addition, you'll probably end up spending a lot more time clicking around on Google search results because there are so many options for you to explore. Which, by the way, is why Google has launched this new interface. Sure, they want to help deliver better results. However, Google also knows that the more you click around and the more time you spend on Google, the greater chance you'll click on advertising. or .... 

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