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How to Have Business Success when Facebook Changes the Game

facebook for business

Business success depends on more than just clicks but the added clicks can't hurt.  There is a new button and more pages.  Facebook has a like button.  (You will see one up in the right hand corner, go ahead and give it a click).

Facebook has also taken over the info page on the profile.  When you click into the profile, you might have seen something like the screen shot above.  It is telling me that in order for me to keep these interests, they will be linked directly to other pages.

It is not a choice you have.  If people scan your profile and want to find out about you they will not only see the interests but also have access to the interests via the link.  If your interests are more interesting than you?  Say goodbye to your friend.  They will move on into the next room.  

If you decide this is not OK, and refuse to accept any of the links, you will be politely informed that all of your interests and education will be erased.  In other words, interests are linked to a page in the community pages whether you like it or not.

If you are a bit outside the box and do not like walking on the path provided, give this a try:  Make up your own unique interest which has no previous name.  In the interest page, write something that absolutely no one has yet chosen.  Your interest will still have a link but it will go to a new page.  You will be first as the trail is blazed.  

Example:  I changed interest from photography to photography of perplexity.  I inputted my website as one of my activities.  Write to SMink = Smile and Think at the same time is another new entry.

Facebook for business changes

As you can see, I also included my ebook 10 Magic Marketing Tips and of course my upcoming book You? Own a Restaurant?  How Ready Are You?

Why is this important?  The name of your business, the name of your favorite dish, the name of your team (you do have a name for your team, don't you?), the name of your... anything can be listed as an interest. 

If you click on the link in the interest page, the new community page that was just formed will ask for a suggestion to a Wikipedia article or Official Site.

facebook for business

Just keep clicking away.  Create your own unique interests.  Invite others to share the interest.  It is in evolution so don't be too hung up on where it will be in 12 months.  Just be sure to keep making introductions, invitations and above all else:  Listen.

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