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Business and Product Reviews Future Consideration in Google

bazaar voice googleYour business can have better success from positive word of mouth.  Word of mouth comes in the form of online product reviews.  If your business sells on Amazon or eBay then you know they have been using various forms of feeback and reviews for years. 

A new program is rolling out as a partnership with industry leader Bazaarvoice, which will provide Google with user-generated ratings and reviews the company gathers on behalf of its clients.  Google plans to display product ratings and reviews in its search results and through its advertising programs. 

Google said in a recent announcement that the program would likely be adding other vendors in addition to Bazaarvoice, and that a model for merchants to submit their own reviews was also a strong possibility. The gist for e-commerce professionals is that ratings and reviews have become an increasingly important part of the online selling environment, and this latest news from Google represents an opportunity that should not be missed.

To ensure that your business gets visibility, it is highly recommended that you follow the latest trends in user ratings and reviews. As Google’s newest partner, Bazaarvoice is an excellent place to start.  There are a few other players in the review business to look at:


Bazaarvoice is providing solutions to enable customers to speak to each other and to their merchants. The name is bizarre enough to be easily remembered. It’s bizarre enough to symbolize a new, “democratized” shopping environment – the shopping environment that the Internet has made possible and will be our future. And it is a bizarrely great idea to enable the voice of the marketplace and help customers build your business.


Is PowerReviews Express right for you?

Choose PowerReviews Express if you are looking for a customer review solution that is:

  • Affordable: low monthly fee
  • Easy integration: integration wizard allows for quick implementation—takes less than a day
  • Compatible with your eCommerce platform: simplified integration with ProStores, Shopify, Infopia and Yahoo
  • Award-winning technology tailored for small businesses


What can I do on RateItAll?

You can rate anything.

You can build "Top Ten" style lists about anything.  For example, check out this list of US Presidents.

You can take compatibility quizzes in areas such as music and movies and meet people that share your tastes.

You can promote your product, site, brand, self, etc. by adding it to our site to be rated by the RateItAll community. Contact us to add big batches of products to RateItAll.


What is Sazze?

Sazze is a fun, engaging review site that allows users to write about whatever they want on anything they want. It is also a social networking site that brings like-minded people together to share information. We strive to provide the best quality reviews because we feel that quality is better than quantity.


Get Wize Before You Buy

Finding the product that's right for you is hard. Reading thousands of reviews and picking from hundreds of products is difficult and frustrating. It takes a lot of time to make sense of all this information and find the product that fits your needs. We built Wize.com to solve this problem.

Wize gathers millions of product reviews from websites like Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and CNET. Using our proprietary technology we figure out which products are the best for how people want to use them.


Here within lies the vision of Crowdstorm...

Up to 88% of people who buy online research before they buy, but it is a fragmented marketplace where users have to consult multiple sources to extract any relevant information (search engines, retailer web sites, brand sites, customer reviews, expert reviews, shopping comparison sites, and blogs). This can often lead to a time consuming and frustrating experience, especially when different sources give differing opinions, leaving the user to judge which of the sources to trust and are most relevant for them.

What should you do?

Nothing different I hope.

Be extraordinary, connect with each of your customers, execute well, guarantee products and services.  Don't try to chase these companies.  Your leverage as a small business is to get great feedback consistently and then be known for how amazing you are.  

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