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Brad Swartz | World Champion | Business is 1st Page of Google in 7 Hours

How can you find yourself or your business on the first page of Google in hours?  First follow the advice that Benjamin Franklin's quote gives: 

Either write something worth reading about or do something worth writing about.  - Benjamin Franklin

Brad Swartz, the CEO of Vision Quest Sport and Fitness club in the Pacific NW of Washington state, does exactly that.

This is more than a business success story, it is a story about overcoming hurdles and helping others do so.

If you are keeping up with my www.biglosermike.com blog, you already know I decided to get a little more serious about my weight.  Creating business success and losing weight are parallel in many respects.  Even Jeffrey Gitomer has written about the similarities in weight loss to creating sales.  

So you will see on my blog article, I am standing between the photo of Matt Hoover (Winner of Biggest Loser Season 2) and Brad Swartz, who is a World  Champion Wrestler just a few short years ago.  Brad Swartz lives what he preaches.  He can be seen in his business in a tie one day and sweats the next.  You will see him in wrestling gear and then on the mat showing the young men how they too can win a championship.

This is about getting on the first page of Google in a matter of hours though, isn't it?

First. Do something worth writing about.

Have an event and do something great.

Vision Quest has major events.  This last event was the finale of Biggest Loser VI and Matt Hoover gave his inspirational speech.  They gave away prizes, signed people up for the next Biggest Loser that starts on June 3rd and gave away more prizes.  (I have a $100 plumbing certificate now.) 

One by one people of every age and nationality went to the front and weighed in.  Brad Swartz himself made the final announcement for each and every contestant.  He even acted as a human applause meter. Every once in a while, he would add tips about health, positive comments about one's success, or questions about the journey.

It was not at the Westin Hotel.  It was at the fitness club.  The event was not fancy and sophisticated white tie.  It was real life celebrating the amazing weight loss of many in just 13 weeks.  The last 13 weeks will change people's lives.  

Second:  Write something worth reading about.

Of course the only option I had was to blog about it.  It just happened Thursday night after all.  This was news!  Plus I lost 24 pounds. (That is news as well.)

I stood side by side with a World Champion Wrestler and a big winner of the TV's 2nd Season Biggest Loser.  That is news.  You can read all about it at:  Michael Hartzell | Brad Swartz | Biggest Loser Finale.

Third:  Share the news with others.

So, Facebook was the first place to go.  That is where friends hang out, after all.  You do share good news with your friends first, don't you?  I went to the Vision Quest Facebook Fan Page and shared my article and new photo. (Thanks Dad for the photo!)

Then hours later, 'Brad Swartz" is Googled and up pops the article about Brad, the news, the event, my photo of course, and more.

On the other hand?  When "Michael Hartzell" is Googled?  You won't find the article.  That works for me.  The article is about Brad, Matt, Jeff, Chip, their team of personal trainers, and the amazing difference each makes in the lives of many.  If you can help people change their lives and make a profit in business by doing so, it is the best of both worlds.

Will this work for you?  Maybe.  

Stick with Benjamin Franklin.  Have vision.  Build a team.  Follow your passion.  Change people's lives.  Do something worth writing about.  Write about it.  Share it with the world via blog, social media, or press releases.  Over and Over.   It will happen for you.


Google "Jeffrey Gitomer Weight Loss" and you will find the article I refer to. 

Don't forget, everything on the Internet has a shelf life.  What is #1 today will be on the back page tomorrow. (Or maybe it will stick around, you just never know.) That being the case, I took a photo to show you.  

 business on google #1 page

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