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Posted by Michael Hartzell on Thu, Apr 29, 2010

the referral engine bookIt will be simple enough to talk about "The Referral Engine" written by John Jantsch.

Duct Tape Marketing owner John Jantsch has done inbound marketing before the word was popular.  If you look at, it has almost 200,000 inbound links (here is another) and almost 3,000 pages of information at your disposal.

If you were to use Hubspot's Website Grader you would see the has a grade of 98.4 / 100.

If you were trapped in a room for 3 months with a computer and only Duct Tape Marketing Website available, you would have business success oozing from every brain cell.

This morning I am headed to an event where John will be the presenter.  I am sure he will have special copies of his book available.  Right?

I am running late so off I go.  In the meantime?  If you are looking for business success, go trap yourself in a room with only Duct Tape Marketing website for reference. 

Of course you could always go to Amazon and get his book (soon).

The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself on Amazon.


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