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Business Success Tip: Don't be an Overachiever

o·ver·a·chieve  (vr--chv)

intr.v. o·ver·a·chieved, o·ver·a·chiev·ing, o·ver·a·chieves
To perform better or achieve more success than expected.

There are some who try to achieve business success by trying to be an overachiever.  This may not help achieve the business goals.

Overachievers can be selfish.
(What is the agenda if there is more given than the request made?)

Overachievers may not be truly helpful.
(Which means the reason for giving more than what is asked can be for self indulgence.)

Overachievers are about being great which is more about themselves than others.
(They have to be right, have to be best.)

Overachievers try to give more…
(It could be to give themselves a better feeling and feed their ego and control.)


Make a habit to give people what they ask for.

Be precise, quick, no hype, no obligating extra add ons.

Always let them know:  Is there anything else?  I am at your service.

Be sure to express this with enthusiasm and conviction.

If they ask, "Can I have a fork?" 

Don’t bring them the whole tray of 10 forks to choose from.

"Can I have a sweater?"  (Another example.)

Don’t come out of the closet with every sweater available.

"How can I stop worrying about my kids?"  (This question came from a mother.)

The answer will be a link to an article with one sentence to cheer them on.
(Hopefully the article is written by you and found on your website, but it can be from anywhere.)

Avoid the trap of time consuming overachieving.

Make the best educated estimate of what a person is asking for.
If you are good at what you do then you will choose correctly more times than not.

If they ask for more because their interest is perked?

You again meet the need and give them exactly the answer they seek.
  • To do more does not help and may hurt.
  • To do more wastes the time of all concerned.
  • To do more keeps you from helping five other people.

Just think:

  • When you hear good music you like?   You go for more.
  • When someone hears, reads, or watches something you do?  They will ask for more.
  • Your content is like music to some (but not to everyone).  This is not true because you spend time to convince them.  The reason is because it is the right time, the right person, with the right ear who is ready to hear.

Don’t be an overachiever who gives more than what is necessary.

  1. Get to the bulls-eye to keep a person happy.
  2. Give each your undivided, 100% commitment for the moment.
  3. Make their day.

Then … it’s time to connect with another and do it again.


If you are in the restaurant business and give away meals, no one will buy.
If you are giving away samples, snacks and appetizers then you will have people fall in love with what you serve and be willing to share dollars for more.

Create a scenario where the next step is Win-Win.  Overachieving can create a never ending win-lose as there is always one less than.

Don’t be an overachiever.  But be willing to more than satisfy.

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