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Business Success with the Changes in Google Adwords

You will hear testimonials from those in the offline businesses:  "If you want to test a keyword, idea or phrase then use Google Adwords to test your business marketing idea.  You will know quickly if the idea has merit or if they ignore your business.  The upcoming new additions to Google Adwords will up the ante for those advertising.

Tnooz has the latest on how your Google Adwords is testing reviews:

Google users will soon see consumer reviews and product ratings placed inside Google AdWords as yet another slice of the search engine’s “experimentation” is revealed.

Announced at a conference earlier this week and later on the Google Merchant Blog, Product Reviews Program is a scheme to throw reviews inside existing AdSense copy for products.

Here is an example from the eyewear sector:

google adsense reviews

Google adwordsNo worries.

If you are a dummy and want to learn about Google Adwords, here is a book. 

Any business can use adwords to create traffic online.  It is also a place to do test marketing for headlines.  

Google adwords may not be free, but if need a place to do test marketing, don't put this one in the garbace can.

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