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Handling E-Commerce Transaction Authorization Responses for Business

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From Credit Card Processing Blog:

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Handling E-Commerce Transaction Authorization Responses

All card-not-present transactions must be authorized before they are processed. The authorization response will typically be approval or decline. E-commerce merchants should develop a process for handling transactions after the authorization response has been received and apply it consistently.

Obtaining authorization for card-not-present transactions. Obtaining an authorization is part of the process of verifying the cardholder’s identity and the validity of the transaction. When you submit your authorization request, consider the following:

  • Avoid using a $1 authorization to verify if the account is in good standing.
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These tips on business about credit card and check card e-commerce transactions are a handy reference.

More importantly?  It is an example of how a business offers a product and service and uses Inbound Marketing to give valuable information to their customers and future customers, thereby building trust and creating authority.  

It has been said every business is also in the publishing business and must include content marketing in their plan.  Great example here.

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