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Lin Yu Chun Sings for the Business Leaders of the World


Talent is everywhere.  As I am in awe of what Lin Yu Chun does behind a microphone, my first thought is:  Every business is guaranteed to have talent and Lin Yu Chun's amazing performance reminds each entrepreneur of this fact.  Lin is an another unexpected gem just as Susan Boyle was. 

Someone knew before that video that Lin Yu Chun was incredible.  

Is Lin Yu Chun pretty incredible?  Yes.  He was probably incredible before he was on Youtube with over a million views of this song.  Who recognized his budding talent and supported him?  Who gave him additional training?  Who believed in him and sacrificed?  Who gave Lin Yu Chun the support to ensure his incredible talent would grow?  That is the person I want to meet.

While the Five Essentials to Business Success talks about having a leader who drags his business behind him vs. the other way around, this is a good reminder that to do so the leader must discover and develop great talent in a business.

You can't discover talent if you:

  1. Talk more than listen to your team.
  2. Make decisions without the input of your team.
  3. Are an overachiever and push each person on your staff to a minimum expectation.
  4. Are not patient during the bumps and grinds of development.
  5. Don't give opportunity for each person to do what they do best.
  6. Fail to analyze what each person on your team is passionate about.
  7. Don't find reasons to celebrate success daily.
  8. Are unable to believe in the people you have assigned to the mission.
  9. Accept excuses.
  10. Forget to set up a daily / weekly / monthly routine which is rigidly met.
  11. Don't let go of the reigns at times to see who rises to the top.
  12. Believe you are the smartest person in your business.  (If this is true you are in big trouble)
  13. Decide to judge the book by its cover.  (Look at Lin Yu Chun)
  14. Are afraid to take a risk by trusting people. (Everyone will make a mistake)
  15. Spend too much time and effort with those who can't or won't.

Every great FIRST or award which has been pinned on me has come from the skills and talents of those on my team.   

Take aways: 

  • Use the music and song of Lin Yu Chin as a message for your business: 
    • There are  people within your business who are on the verge of greatness.  There is undiscovered talent among you.  Who are they and what is their passion?  How can you create a win-win?  How will you know if you don't have a culture where they can show off a little?
  • Ask more questions. 

P.S.  What I love about restaurant turn-arounds?  Finding the talent which already lies within the business, removing the barriers and letting them soar.  Amazing magic has happened because others were given the opportunity to make a difference. 

"To achieve business success, find the eagles and let them soar" -  Unknown

"If you keep your eagles caged, you will never know who can soar." - Michael Hartzell

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