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Business Software at 3rd Annual OSC (Open Source eCommerce) Industry Awards

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Offline business owner take heed.  Whether you like it or not, you are an online merchant in some respects.  The rules of being found and having an effective website applies to an offline business just as they do for an online business. Regardless of whether an offline business owner wants to be online or just use the latest social media gadgets, any online presence or lack thereof sends a clear message to potential customers who are checking out their products and/or services.  Hopefully the message is not one that says, "Your business is out of touch and antique and so not relevant to my needs."

That being said, here is a reference that is a must for any company or DIY entrepreneur.  Practical eCommerce.  The tools, tips, tutorials, and services offered here are top of the line.

Here is a recent article by Kerry Watson which gives references to many potential tools.

Third Annual OSC (Open Source eCommerce) Industry Awards Results.

March 24, 2010 · by Kerry Watson

Each year for the past three years I have conducted an annual survey of users of Open Source eCommerce programs to help encourage and foster professionalism and improvement in the OSC industry. Each year there have been some surprises and insights, and this year is no exception.

I am pleased to announce the winners of the Third Annual OSC Awards, honoring the people and programs that set the standards for the rest of the Open Source eCommerce industry. The contest is held each December through February and results announced in March, and is sponsored by many of the big names in the industry. Not just a popularity contest, each voter must complete a questionnaire explaining why they are voting that way.

Best OSC Program

CRE LOADED HAS WON AGAIN, voted Best OSC Program for two out of the three years that this award contest has been held. It is followed by Magento Commerce in Second Place, first time this program has placed in this contest, and the venerable osCommerce, mother of open source ecommerce programs, came in Third Place.

Best OSC Web Pro

The Best Web Professional category is always very popular, and each year there has been a mass of voting for best web pros. The clients of all the web pros are fanatical in their loyalty and praise, but Tony Blacker has held his lead once again with First Place, with Luis Villarino at ez-osCommerce.com taking Second Place, and Steve Seaton of Webgo2.com taking Third Place.

Best OSC Templates

For Best OSC Templates, TemplateMonster.com wins First Place. Algozone.com came in Second Place and WebsiteTemplateDesign.com Third Place. (Note: both Algozone and TemplateMonster are sponsors of the contest, but their sponsorships did not influence their wins which are based on user input).

Read the great article at  Third Annual OSC (Open Source eCommerce) Industry Awards Results.

Since one of the major debacles of being an entreprenuer is taking the time to find useful and trustworthy products or services, a reference such as Practical eCommerce saves precious minutes.  Instead of searching via a generic search engine for how to do something?  Go to Practical eCommerce or one of the many resources at "How-to Websites & Wiki Wbsites" and type in your search.  

Get stuck?  Let me know.  I am at your service.  If I don't know the how and where, I know someone who can help you.  

There is no doubt that any business owner will already have Practical eCommerce on their list of references.  Right? 

Time is ticking away so I will leave you with this:

Just because the food is on the buffet and ready for you does not mean you are necessarily ready to eat.  It will still be there when you are ready.  Thus the buffet of the Internet.  It will still be there and if it is not?  Then no loss.

Last thought:

Ever wondered where to contribute as a guest blogger?  First, you can guest blog here.  The potential to be side by side with the likes of those on Practical eCommerce is even better, though.  Here is their invitation:

Bloggers Wanted at Practical eCommerce

We’re (Practical eCommerce) is looking for merchants and other ecommerce professionals to share their experiences with our readers. If this interests you, we invite you to contact us.

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