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LinkedIn for Business Questions, Asked and Answered.


LinkedIn.  Ever wonder about the true purpose and how it is relevant?  Business professionals are looking for jobs, marketing, learning, collaborating and recruiting.  (and spying?)

Interestingly, there are many who will ask a question in the Question / Answer section of LinkedIn and then go about answering their own question.  This puzzled me a bit and since I hate to assume the worst, I used the LinkedIn Q&A platform to ask the question:

Ask a question on LinkedIn then answer your own question on LinkedIn? Is there a point or benefit? Does it seem self serving?

The brilliance and humor that came from the inner workings of LinkedIn proved again "I ain't as smart as I think I am" as thoughts were provided to help me look deeper into the possibilities.

Bruce Serven offered a private response which could be a country western song about LinkedIn.  If only I knew someone who could put this to music!

Bruce Serven's Answer:
  • Some do it to load the question
  • Some do it to show off how smart they are (or are not)
  • Some do it to advertise.
  • Some do it because they aren't clever enough to better disguise their statement as a question (when their question isn't really a question)
  • Some do it because they are looking for validation of their own thinking
  • Some do it because they don't know how (or don't care) to prepare the question in a way that allows for an open dialog
  • Some do it because they simply don't know any better.
  • and Some do it because... we just don't know why they do it.
You can find Bruce Serven on LinkedIn.

Alex Fogul offered the type of answer I strive for since he was to the point with brevity and precision. 

Alex Fogul's Answer:

  • If a person is asking a question that requires a factual answer (How do I do...?) then answering their own question is generally done to promote the answer, which is what they are trying to sell to others.
  • Of a person is asking for perspectives or opinions, then sharing their own thoughts may be their way of trying to "sway the vote" and garner support for their position on the subject. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Alex Fogul already has 44 Best Answers about Linkedin.  What a great reference to have.

What I disliked most about the Question & Answer LinkedIn system?  Being the judge.  All answers offered a unique perspective and gave me more to think about.  To pick just one?  I can see why so many leave questions open vs. closing them.  Closing a question may require giving someone a gold star while leaving other great answers without recognition.

With a resource where in a few days professionals from every part of the world will pause and answer a question, who would want to have a magazine subscription?  LinkedIn provides a platform for learning about a topic and most importantly, gives a chance to test the services of an "expert".

Observations within the LinkedIn Q&A: 

  • There is a time limit for questions before it is closed. 
  • If a person replies privately, their answer is not included as an option for a "best" or "good" answer. 
  • As the questioner, I was unable to comment after each contribution. (This could be done via private response.) 
  • Each answer went to the LinkedIn inbox which then rolled over to the email inbox. 
  • If either of these are already active and the question is popular, this could be overwhelming. 
    • Make the question count to ensure you have time to review and respond to the those who provided answers.
  • Any links to websites within the discussion answers are "no-follow links" which is not true for the group discussions where the links are "do-follow links".

My thanks and appreciation for bringing more to light about the intention and purpose of those on LinkedIn.  

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It is incredible to see the diversity of everyone who took a moment to share a thought.  If only we could attend such an offline dirt world networking event.

As my thank you, it is obviously a moment to give a link back, a shout-out so that others might connect.  

Time to ask your question now.  (Even if you include your own answer.)  smile


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