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Is Business Technology Far Behind with $99 Moby Tablet for Education?

Is business technology getting behind the education system?  Marvell is announcing the $99 Moby Tablet for Education. You’ve seen a video of Marvell’s 4.3″ Tablet prototype shown at CES based on the Marvell Armada 600 processor. The Moby tablet is based on the same Armada 600 platform but comes with a larger screen (probably 10″).  Sure you can read more about it right here.

Once you are caught up on this device consider these questions.  How will this affect homework for your kids?  Will it become easier to help?  Or harder?  Will kids be more inspired to study with a new gadget such as this?  Will they want to stop reading books and turn up their noses to paper?  

For your business, will this mean no more training manuals?  When do you begin to change from paper to electronic for training and documentation?  

Hmmm... the questions are many. Time will tell.

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