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First-timers Comprise 80 Percent of Business Blog Traffic

Website Magazine

Uh-oh.  "Things are not always as they appear" is again ringing in my head.  Here is an article about the buying habits of those visiting busines blogs.  (I hope you are blog about your business.)

This is fresh off the pages of Website Magazine. (Oh?  Don't you read this?  Worth a look.  Interesting articles).


First-timers Comprise 80 Percent of Business Blog Traffic

Posted Mar 12 2010, 02:45 PM by Linc Wonham

Contrary to the widely held belief that the majority of business-related blog traffic is made up of loyal audiences, a recent study reveals just the opposite. Marketers must develop blog and social media content for first-time visitors in order to be effective, according to the survey conducted by Compendium, an enterprise platform for social media and search.

In data gathered from 266 companies about blogging traffic, visitor trends and Twitter usage, the Corporate Blogging and Social Media Trends Survey found that almost three-quarters of respondents from companies selling directly to consumers reported more than 80 percent of all blog traffic was from first-time visitors.

Read more about this study at Website Magazine.


Now.  Does that change things a bit?  Better articles with more impact?  A call to action?  More pressure to create a pitch?  If each person travelling on the internet is a bit like a tourist visiting on vacation, maybe it is even more important than you thought to be amazing!

Here is my call to action for you:

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