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Business Success Tip from Adobe Scene7

Business Success Tip from Scene7 Need a business success tip that will put an exclamation point on your potential?  Adobe Scene7 has a viewer study showing what shoppers want.  That is the name of the game after all, listening for what customers want.

From the experts at Adobe Scene7:

.....Fifteen key questions were asked to determine consumers’ product viewing preferences.  Both male and female participants were surveyed (49 percent/51 percent split) who were categorized as “medium to heavy online shoppers”, resided in North America, researched and purchased a product online in the last 12 months, and spent at least $500 shopping online throughout the year.

Key participant attributes:
  • 94 percent had researched products within the past three months
  • 99 percent had purchased products online within the past three months
  • 41 percent had spent $1500 or more on online shopping this past year, which is nearly 30 percent greater than the national average of $10691; 79 percent spent close to or more than the national average
  • 87 percent purchased electronics
  • 82 percent purchased clothing, shoes & jewelry
  • 80 percent purchased movies, music & games
  • 78 percent purchased computers & office equipment
  • 76 percent purchased books
  • 86 percent use Internet Explorer/14 percent use Firefox
  • 35 percent spend more than 30 hours a week online (and 73 percent spend more than 16 hours a week online)

This analysis of consumers’ product viewing preferences offers valuable insights for online merchandising and validates current eCommerce trends.

This is only a very small sample of the report.  You read the rest of the report and  download it here free.   

What do you think?  Electronics, office equipment and books seem to be a popular thing to buy online. 

Are you thinking it's time to start a business selling on Amazon?  If maybe so, here are 3 top books (and an ipod in case you are a shopper) to help your business.


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