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Google Seems Broken Making a Barrier to Business Success

A new barrier for business success pops up on my screen for a moment as it seems Google is broken.  These are tonight's screen shots.  The first example shows how restaurant forms shows nothing to do with my restaurant forms.  Second example shows how www.michaelhartzell.com appears in the #2 spot on first page.

restaurant forms on Google 1


restaurant forms on Google #2


What is the difference?  How did a Google search for restaurant forms give two different results back to back?  Same browser was used.  Two different results.

Is Google broken? 

The future of search engine optimization and keywords on Google, Yahoo and Bing will change as they continue to make the effort to deliver what it believes the person searching is looking for.

Since I have searched for restaurant forms in the past while logged into Google, it appears to have remembered my search.  The second example shows how it is trying to accomodate what it believes I am looking for.  

The first example is one where I am NOT logged into Google thus leaving me a "stranger" doing a search for restaurant forms.

SEO guru's beware.  Business owners look again.  Just as each person is unique in and of themselves with talents, income, personality, geography and tastes; so the search results will be different.  Wonder how long it will be before 1000 people will search for the same key words only to have 1000 variations on the same results?

Fortunately for me, I am a Hubspot customer.  That means I have a company (Hubspot) who will work diligently to provide the best software solution as well as updates about this fickle thing called search engines and seo for business success.

If the search engine companies continue this trend and search engines are more complex, how the heck will you ever have business success?  Maybe its time to start listening to each and every customer even more carefully than ever before?  Maybe its time to think about the uniqueness of products and services being offered so there is less chance of blending in.  Maybe it is time to be outside the box and follow a similar thought process I offered for great restaurant marketing ideas by using the Kindle.

Maybe it is time to stop, listen and think again about how to chase a moving target.


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