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How to Write a Blog Article - Doug Bursch Fairly Spiritual

As I begin to read Doug Bursch's article in the Auburn Reporter, I felt ashamed and wanted to hide my head.  Not because of the New Years Resolutions he was shaming everyone about.  It was because I was thinking:  "If only I could write a blog article so well". 

The same 26 letters are available to me and yet I am unable to juggle them in such a way that Doug Bursch does.  If you want to know how to write a blog article better, bookmark any and all of Doug Bursch's "writings".  He will touch your heart, your mind, your funny bone and maybe most importantly, your spirit.

Doug's latest blog article talks about being part of a community.  This stuck out and rang particulary true because there is a "buzz" in our recent culture as technology advancement pushes us farther.  Such words as "Tribes" and "Twibes" and "Community" are much more common in our lives than a few years back.

Enough about my thoughts.  Stop reading my paltry common words and move over to he who is more in touch with the heart, mind, and spirit, and able to connect them with ease.


Doug Bursch Fairly Spiritual: Don't go it alone, be a part of community

Auburn Reporter Columnist

Jan 08 2010, 1:36 PM · UPDATED

I’d like to start today’s article by shaming everyone who has not kept their New Year's resolutions. What’s wrong with you people? Is this really how you want to start a new decade?

Those of you who’ve kept your resolutions, I want to castigate you for picking such lame and easily achievable goals. For those of you who cowardly avoided resolutions all together, well I have nothing but indifference for you. Extreme, passionate indifference.  ..... I know you want to read more


I doubt that Doug Bursch has a shortage of content from which to write about.  His passion, belief and purpose in life are apparent.  Once you too understand what talents God has given you, the content will flow much easier.  If you need inspiration or thought provoking ideas, consider tuning in to Doug, whether it be his article in the Auburn Reporter, his website at FairlySpiritual.com, or his radio show.  You may be surprised as I am each and every week at what his gift will give you.

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Doug Bursch is on the weekly reading list in our home and we do so aloud.  Afterwards there is always something more to chat about as his God-given talent makes us SMink.  (SMink = Smile and Think at the same time.)  We read and share his articles each week because he helps us to keep in touch with what is important and remains an example of passion and commitment to consider more than the present moment.

Business success comes from more than doing tasks and being energized.  "Purpose" and "Vision" are words so commonly used that they are probably on the gobbleygook list.  Yeah, yeah... purpose, vision.  I get it.  What is something deep inside that moves you so much that you are willing to go through pain for it?  Who are the people you would jump in front of a train to save, risking your own life to do so?  Who are your top ten buddies that if they called, you would go to war with them?  

I just sent my book to the editor.  The goal of the book is to save people from themselves in the restaurant business.  Those who are thinking about jumping into the restaurant business and those who have jumped in and might be having regrets.  Hundreds of hours have been put into writing this book, with many more to come until it is finalized.  If I can sell one copy and help one person save tens of thousands of dollars, save a marriage, a family, or their health...then my efforts are not in vain.

What is your passion?  Do you share your passion with others?  Would a blog be a great tool to do so?  I think so. 

Now that you have the tools and someone to inspire you, what keeps you from putting your thoughts into action...by writing?  Let me know.

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