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How to be a Thought Leader or Thought Follower

How to be a Thought Leader

I am thinking of great ideas and deep thoughts.

Oddly, when I share my thoughts, not everyone thinks my ideas are so great.

Someone is always there to tell me why it's hard, how it has already been done, why I am not good enough, or how long it will take.  

There is always someone in the crowd who shouts out:  "It takes money to make money!"  Where is that guy who shouts out "You can do it!" in the movies for Adam Sandler?  Could certainly use him at times.

Don't forget the amazing people who shine a little more brightly with obvious talents who can make the rest of us humble and appreciative.  (Although they make me think, "I can't do what they can, so why try?)

If I have thoughts and everyone for the most part disagrees, does that mean I am crazy, out of touch or just too far ahead of the curve?  (I like to think the latter.)

If I have what appears to be an OK idea and lots of people say "Yes Mike, what a great idea", does that make me a thought leader if others are agreeing and following an idea that was just OK?

Who can say if you are a thought leader or not?  Is there a judge?  Or is it crowd driven?  Who can put the label on your shirt?  Do you need a book or can you just be thinking a lot? (I think all day long and sometimes even think in my sleep.)

If a group of people who aren't so smart call somone else a thought leader in their community, can others then look to that newly designated thought leader for thoughts (and then maybe get disappointed because the thoughts are not relevant?)

If you think a lot, share some of it, write pieces of the thoughts and one person says "magnificent concepts and thoughts", doesn't that make you a thought leader?  How many does it take?  Does it take action?  Or do others have to repeat the words to make them thought leaders?

I am enthralled by the minds of people who seem to see around corners, through walls, and almost have a crystal ball.  In comparison I am the dirt, they are the rainbow.  (Love Adam Sandler movies, don't I?)

I am also amazed at the amount of expertise and knowledge almost everyone I meet or talk to carries with them.  And oddly enough, many of these people with expertise and knowledge are instead trying to pursue the thoughts and ideas of others instead of their own.

If you talk to me, I will think of you as a thought leader.  Don't care much about whether you have a book, your age, or your background.

You think.  You speak.  You write.  You share thoughts, ideas and opinions.  You will influence others around you.  What you do matters.  What you believe is important.  It can't be helped.  Right or wrong, you influence others.

I realize that you may be wrong, but that is the journey.  Learning and adopting to the new stuff we learn.  After all, I have been known to be wrong once in a while.

When you think, speak, write... please remember there is at least one other person in the world looking your way for an example, knowledge, or a special clue.  I would hope now that you are a validated thought leader, you will take the responsibility seriously and not lie, cheat, steal, con and blabber idiotic stuff just to make a buck, get even, or get a reaction.

Seth Godin could have said all this in about 4 sentences.  I am not so powerful.

Still they are my thoughts and I will keep thinking, sharing and listening to yours. 

Who is a thought leader

Lucky for me I keep many of my thoughts in a free software program called The Personal Brain.  Recently I was also introduced to my.brainshark.com which is an online presentation service.  I am creating a presentation to upload soon.  With my additional brains, regardless of what you think of my thoughts, you can say:  "Mike sure has a lot of brains" and it will be true.  I can't live without my Personal Brain.  my.brainshark.com looks very simple to use.  Love the stuff that makes it faster, easier, simpler & funner.  Stay tuned.

How will I end this?  Let me gather my thoughts and decide.

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