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How to get more hits on my website via Adwords from Adriana Copaceanu

Is this the question for your business: "How do I get more hits on my website to create more sales or leads?"  

How do you get found on the internet?  You can try to maximize SEO to move you to the top of the search engine results or you can use adwords to put your business in front those who are searching for you.


how to get more hits on my website blog review

Meet Adriana Copaceanu who is an online entrepreneur.  (What better place to go for real thoughts than to another entrepreneur who walks the talk?)  She is willing to freely share her failures and successes with all of us.  Since I am not a pay per click or adwords expert, I look to others who have battle scars for their advice rather than go to those who will charge a buck or more for information.

Adriana is not about hype and instead offers honesty and perspective.
"It’s not quite as easy as just sticking up an ad and watching the money roll in: you have to carefully select what you’ll be promoting." she says in her blog.

Because you are usually short time, aren't you looking for information that is easy to review where you can capture the thought quickly?


Here are the topics she covers in her article "Make money with AdWords - How to Get Started".

  • "What Should You Sell to Make Money With Adwords?"
  • "Your Landing Page is Important in Making Money with AdWords"
  • "AdWords Quality Score"
  • "Make Money With Adwords Instead of Overspending!"
  • "Tracking Will Help You Save Money"

Adriana doesn't waste your time, keeps it simple, shares specific things to avoid as well as things to put on your to-do list, summarizes the thoughts, and if your head says:  "I want more" she offers a great resource.

Adwords and Pay Per Click are not so tough after all.   This could be used for any business not just for an online purpose.  Getting found is the mission for all businesses.

If you want to make money with AdWords or generate more interest to any type of business and believe you don't want to rely on SEO for getting found, take a look at what Adriana has to offer.  Adriana at www.myonlinebusinessjourney.com may save you time.

Thank you, Adriana, for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

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