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Business Success Tip: Read Conversation Marketing

Here is a simple business tip:  One to put on your reading list:  Conversation Marketing  Why?  Here is one reason, today they gave 11 ways to be a schmuck.  I have been searching hard to learn how to be a schmuck... and my search is over.

From Wikipedia:  Schmuck (pejorative), an insulting term for a stupid person or dimwitted fool or an unwanted guest.

And now on to the training from Conversation Marketing;

  1. Use Twitter auto-follow tools.

  2. Sell products you know are crappy.


  4. Latch onto one idea and don't let go. Two legs good, four legs baaaaad.

  5. Whatever you do, never stop reminding others of their mistakes.

  6. Sell to the loophole, not the customer.


There are some missing? Then go to  Conversation Marketing.  I hope you will love their approach as much as I do.  It is on my reading list as of last week.  

In the meantime, my training has started.  I thought there were more ways to be a schmuck though.. .(Wonder why I want to be a schmuck?  Because when I turn it back around... I want to hear people say.... "I really like him and he used to be such a schmuck")

 Your take-a-ways?:

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