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Google Wave Preview in my Inbox. How To Google Wave?

Google Wave preview invite was in my Inbox.  Have to say... feeling pretty special and hope the Waver's (what do you call them?) don't splash me rudely.  (hmmmm)

I remember making the request after eating too much chocolate...  and know my craziness was out on the edge.  Wish I could remember... 

So the first screen shot... here I am...  Ready to Wave, Surf, and see how much fun I can have... (and hopefully save time)  Primary connections are not so social except those who think in terms of the three P's.  

Google Wave Begins

Before I begin to send out invites... have to watch a few videos.

Just today Youtube has 70 "Google Wave" videos posted.  Whew.  

Need to study just a bit... right?  Don't want to get too deep and then flounder from the riptide of the Wave.  Then people would Wave Goodbye and tell me I am not so SWave.

So invitations will go out to connect with people and hope that because I am in the Wave people might say "Mike you are all wet!".... or maybe "Hey, just like at he football game, here it comes... get ready for the Wave....whoohooo".

Now ... which video do I watch first?  And who will be the first to go Waving with me?  And how many new terms will be invented because of the Wave?  Would a person who is good with Wave someone who "Gave"?  If you wave and twitter at the same time, is that like rubbing the tummy and patting the head?    

At this point, I am pretty happy to have a preview invite  ... looking for ways to connect in that are faster, easier, simpler (& funner).  Hopefully my increased "Wavability" will help in my workshops, masterminds, forum groups  (or would the Wave supersede these?)

Any hints?  

Getting it done and having fun,



My "funny" thought for the day:

I remember in 1876 when the phone was invented.  The very first customer jumped for joy.  He polished it up, found a special place and ran around telling everyone... "I am the very first person to get a new gadget called the telephone.  This is great ... the first telephone.  I can talk to others over long distances."  Promptly his friend replied:  "Oh?... you are the very first person to own a telephone to call other people?  Who are you going to call first?"

Moral to the story:

Can't be the first alone.  It's no fun (unless you love talking to yourself)

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