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How Can I Buy a Ranked Established Website From Eric Holmlund

Ever asked yourself:  How can I buy a ranked, established website?

Ready to go into the internet business?  Here you go…. An expert in Internet Marketing is selling websites … Eric Holmlund.  His email says:  Selling websites... some need work and some are already make money.

The world is changing for the internet marketers who started 5 years ago.

  • The laws are getting tougher for any business (i.e. FTC laws Dec. 1).
  • There are predators which reflect poorly on the amazing.
  • The competition is stiffer as availability and price have lowered.
  • The software available to create is easier and cheaper.
  • The social networking websites have changed the game.
  • Old timers" have too much in inventory (websites require monitoring and maintenance).
  • There are questions about the value of email marketing.
  • Some have gotten rich and don't need to work so hard anymore.

There are more than a few folks (and I) who have plenty of faith and trust (F.A.T.) in Eric.

Without Eric's help a couple of years ago, I would not have found the tools needed to get me over the humps … and he steered me away from hype.

When you see a pro say "Websites for sale"….  Is this a warning?
  • Or is it a chance to grab a good deal?

You decide. 

Regardless, the game is changing… and I believe the time is more than ripe for the internet.

Here is the email I received today from Eric Holmlund:.


From: ericstips@aweber.com [mailto:ericstips@aweber.com] On Behalf Of Eric's Tips
Sent: Saturday, November 14, 2009 1:31 AM
To: Michael
Subject: I'm selling my websites Michael...
Eric's Tips

Special Edition

November 14, 2009
"I'm Selling My Websites..." It's true Michael... I've got about 200 websites, and I'm selling most of them. This is a great chance for you to pick up an established website if you're interested. Some of them are very profitable... in fact I will soon be listing a million dollar business among the auctions! Some of them are very nice-looking sites, and most of them are running on autopilot. Others are neglected "fixer-uppers" that need some TLC. Those are often the best opportunities, because with a little work you can give a site a makeover and drastically increase its profitability. A good chance to gain some quick equity, or flip it for a profit.

To see the sites that I'm selling please go to: Eric's Websites for Sale... I've also put a short video on the page explaining exactly WHY I'm selling my websites. The sites are listed on Ebay, and I'm starting every auction at 1 cent with no reserve.

They will be sold to the highest bidders!  It could be your chance to grab a piece of my business for a great bargain.

Check it out at: Get the details here... Some of the auctions are ending soon, so please check it out right away :-)

Have a great day!

 Eric Holmlund
Eric Holmlund
Eric's Tips

PO Box 272522, Fort Collins, CO 80527, USA



A cautionary note:   For those just starting out in business.  It is not automatic.  Creating sales and profits require more than a few clicks.  You can get a head start with any business offline or online which already has action / customers visitors .... but my voice will be in your ear saying "Things are not always as they appear".  This is not because of what Eric or other seller's offer ... it is because of you and your perception.  Be sure to use the eBay contact seller or his email to get information.  I am sure he will continue his service and be available and transparent.

Getting it done, and having fun,



Nope, I don't know Eric personally.. just a fan.  Nope, no affiliation, no kickback, etc.  Just "paying it forward" for the value I received from him in the past.  Your turn to "pay ir forward".

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