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Twitter for Business Tips, Ideas and FAQ

Twitter TipsCollection of 137 Small Business Twitter Tips (PDF)  Instant download.  There are many more since this report came out.  We are now into thousands of apps.  Remember, life is a buffet and don't try to pig out by eating everything you see.  Need help?  Here I am.....

Twitter Tips Cheat Sheet (PDF) No email or opt-in required.  This is a basic list and will keep you busy for hours.  Twitter is not about MORE TIME, it is about doing it with brevity and LESS TIME.   Most of the struggle is in the mind since the logic is still so new.  Enjoy.  


Twitter FAQ 

Who should you follow on Twitter?

Who are you?   What is your goal?  Are you listening, learning, sharing, marketing, networking, or a public service?  Do you offer value or are you a sponge to absorb new ideas and the latest news (gossip).  Who you follow will depend entirely on YOU.  Hopefully you will focus on the quality of what you offer.  There is no right or wrong for how to do Twitter but if you expect to maximize the tool, it is best to understand yourself and your purpose.  Twitter is just another way of connecting after all... just like a phone connects people.

Here is a list of great people & companies you can follow on Twitter.

Who will follow you on Twitter?

Everyone and anyone.  Since everyone has an agenda, it's tough to say.  Sales people, life learners, news hounds, gossipers, MLM'rs, consultants, writers, and benevolent generous givers.  There are automatic systems in place where you will be followed automatically because of your geography, keywords, and profile.  There are even programs that will auto follow you if you were followed by someone's competitor.  Of course you hope that only those who have something of value will follow you, people who you can have interaction with ... then there is a win-win situation.

How many times should you tweet on Twitter?

Once.  No... 3 times... no.... 18 times a day.  Hmmmm....  All answers are OK but it depends on YOUR goal.  Remember, a tweet is only 140 characters and it is a public announcement.  There is usually just enough space for a title which gives a shout out, a link, or a snippet of what you might be doing.  If you have business online (or blog, etc.) then tweeting more often might be to your advantage.  If those who are following you are only following 5 other people, your frequent tweets may drive them nuts. 

How important is TWITTER?

The world does NOT revolve around Twitter.  It is about you.  It is about other people.  It is about you interacting with other people.  Twitter is simply a tool to make it faster, easier, simpler (& funner) to ask a question, give an answer or share something of special value.  It broadens your options since contacts are now world wide.  It narrows your focus since you can search for special topics that you are passionate about (or geography).  If you are a business trying to use twitterm then first think, "I now have a new means for customers and potential customers to connect with me personally as well as my business.  How can I listen, solve problems, or offer added value to them via Twitter."  "Think locally, act personally" - Jeffey Gitomer  How will you use Twitter to this end?

How much time does Twitter take?

To type 140 characters and hit 'send' can be a snap.  To post 4 or 5 valuable tweets a day will take under 10 minutes a day.  Since there are a thousand + apps for Twitter (and growing) and since learning a new piece of software in the beginning always has a learning curve, I would say you will spend at least 30 minutes a day learning the tools of your choice (see the cheat sheets above).  The bulk of the time will be spent simply learning and practicing.  As long as you don't hop from app to app, you will pick up speed in less than a couple of weeks.

How to learn Twitter recommendations?  

I recommend you buddy up with someone of no consequence (me?) to practice and get twitter tips.  In that way, you speed up the learning curve and focus on the more important stuff. 

It used to be AOL, eBay, then the last few years Facebook.  Now Twitter...  So addiction and excess is possible.  It does, after all, feed your ego and give you a perception of control.  Once you know your purpose, you will spend the amount of time necessary to take care of your customers, help people, listen, and research.  The answer will be yours and yours alone.  2 minutes?  Sure.  Or maybe one hour a day.  Just stay focused on your goal.  (Isn't that always the case?)  Do not view Twitter or social media as "the answer" but they will offer anyone who makes the effort to learn the new tools more connected to the people they serve.

Was this helpful?  Do you have another thought?  Comments are welcome!

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