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Posted by Michael Hartzell on Wed, Apr 15, 2009

We love business software which is so automated it explains itself almost telepathically.  Scribefire is a tool to assist with blogging for your business.

There is no doubt that most of the technology and software we begin to use today will be updated, outdated, replaced, break, upgraded. Once on the technology bandwagon, the learning demand increases.

Today the word is "Scribefire". While I have downloaded it sometime back with the updated Firefox, my resistance to spending hours on learning a new program is high.

There are too many programs on my list to master. Surprise. With the hope of simplifying and making my blogging experience faster, easier, simpler (and funner) I have clicked on the Scribefire icon at the bottom of Firefox and here I am. It is pretty easy to use and thus far seems to be one of those programs that you can begin to use without reading detail instructions.

Common sense, walking through the icons/buttons left, right ad below seem to be organized and self explanatory. Scribefire also seems to let me change the font at will and is designed to insert photos, videos etc. with a push of the button. When you can find mind reading software which helps you understand and use it as you go, I say do a boogie. As usual a video must be included so here goes. (With Scribefire I have a split screen and can keep my blog on the lower screen while browing at the top) I will browse YouTube and find a video about Scribefire and insert it below:

Scribefire Tutorial: A great blogging tool for Wordpress Well there is a video though I am unable to center the video as of yet. Why blog for business?   If there is a large part of the population using the internet and search engines to find ther special interest and blogs are much more in the limelight of search engines and if blogs can be enbedded automatically in such socialnetworking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, Plaxo, etc. then every blog becomes a sign on the internet.

As an example, here is a potential list of what people are searching for today in regards to health and food:  Gluten free, sugar free, diabetic menu, low cal menu, senior citizen discounts, party rooms, meeting rooms, ice cream, home made, gourmet, healthy, Atkins, vegan, vegetarian, children menus, birthday parties, sports, pizza, Italian, German, Indian, Thai, Chinese, pies, natural, sandwiches, deli, bakery, buffet, Sunday Brunch, Alcohol, beer, wine, seafood, steak, corn fed, catering, coffeehouse, bistro, all you can eat, hibachi, Barbecue, BBQ, Japanese, Mexican, sushi ... and more, and more.

If someone in your community either does not know of you or has forgotten, they may go to the internet and type in: "sushi restaurant Auburn, WA" or they may even type in "sushi restaurant discounts Seattle, WA". Some have been known to search: "best sushi restaurant Tacoma, WA" or "pizza restaurant review Seattle".

Google has tools to understand what people are searching for but most important is YOUR community and their needs/wants. The search engines then go to work finding good content to keep the searcher happy. Will they find you? If you start a blog (which can be done with or, you can take 250 words or so and talk about the unbelievable, the pride of the day, the best employee, your promse, a video of preparing your favorite dish, a video of how gluten free your restaurant might be... and build a presence that will only grow if you stick with it. Again and again I hear testimonials from people who began blogging "Well at first only my mother and brother would read my blogs and then one day I wrote about something that hit home and awareness of my business grew" As you can see I am playing with the Scribefire font and color options. Testing and experimenting is necessary and what's the worst that could happen? As you see the options, you are already making decisions how you would not want to blog.

Scribefire says I have 612 words thus far so I am beyond your attention span. I could take advantage while your mind wanders and say radical things or offer a crazy promise.... Nope, I will just say have fun with Scribefire.

Load Firefox, search for Scribefire and add it to your Firefox. Scribefire rates on my ease of use scale: 3rd grade. (the lower the better)

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