Business Marketing With Video - Perfect Example for Google Wave.

Posted by Michael Hartzell on Thu, Oct 29, 2009

Business marketing with video may seem hard.  Gary Vaynerchuk has already proven that it is not about lighting and perfection at and

There are, however, talented people who can do more and I have found another to add to the Videos That Rock page on my website.

Epipheo Studios shows a talent for "edutainment" and does so with brevity. The best part is when walking away from the short video, you get it.  What is Google Wave?  Don't rely on me to tell you.  This video by Epipheo Studios tells the story. It appears he also may be a resource for YOUR OWN website & blog?

So watch and listen to "What is Google Wave" by Epipheo Studios. Be inspired to know there is someone who can help you with business marketing.



What is an epipheo?

An epipheo is a video designed to pass on epiphanies. There are few things as powerful as an epiphany. An epiphany, when it finds you, will transform the way that you think and live. The problem is epiphanies are hard to come by.

What do you think about the video?  Leave a comment!  How about Google Wave?  Are you interested?  Share your thoughts below.  

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