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Start a Business Online Howto 7 with Blog Post Review of Janice Dugas

blog post reviewJust a thought...

Maybe an example might help?  You would like to see omeone who has skill, talent and expertise in action?

If you promise not to just copy and if you promise to use it for inspiration, here is a blog post review video about how Janice Dugas helps people with photography online.

What is your expertise?
Is it teachable? Or will you be instead reporting on it?

I will give you one other example of how someone in the photography business helps people and has a pretty good business.

Simple, straightforward as he does what he loves. Ken Rockwell at http://www.kenrockwell.com/ shows the details of a camera. His expertise is in the hardware (plus more).

So combine these resources between Janice and Ken, you should have your camera equipment and photography experts lined up.

DON'T look for more experts (unless you are unhappy with either Janice and Ken). You don't need 10 lawyers, 15 computers, 7 shovels to get the job done. Ken and Janice will get you far.

So. What is the biggest thing that sucks the minutes and hours?

I bet you a chocolate nickel that I will have something that will save you time for that thing you say is driving you crazy as it demands so much time!   :) smile Faster, easier, simpler (& funner) is what I offer...    Chocolate Nickel Bet?  Go for it!

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