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After thousands of employees, success stories which includes repeatedly doubling sales, restaurant turn-arounds, quintupling sales as a restaurant owner, I pass on to you tools and restaurant marketing ideas which have helped many in the restaurant business enjoy success.

The articles about restaurant marketing are but a small piece of the puzzle and I offer them free of charge to help you get over the obstacles.

Michael Hartzell specializes in the training and development of individuals and organizations with a primary focus on innovative marketing to grow sales and profits.

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Business Online without learning HTML - with xSitePro


Going Online? Trying to build a website?  Is this what you want?  


You want to create an online presence with your brick and mortar business. (Restaurant or otherwise)


You want to connect with your community with Web 2.0, email, and the virtual tools.


You want to "capture" email addresses thereby setting up a database to do your "guerrilla marketing".


You want to do so without going to school to learn a new skill set. (and yet understand the inner-workings well enough to maximize the benefits)


You want to keep the costs down and avoid paying high fees for fancy web developers.


You don't want to rely on someone to build your online presence who may or may not know what they are doing.


You want to have SEO (search engine optimization) without knowing how to program.


You want to do all of this and have it teachable to someone on your team.


You want to have opportunity to duplicate the success to expand your online presence.


You want to include videos, photos and audio... again without knowing programming.


You want to limit your time each week working on such a thing as internet marketing or web development.


Because your time is spent working your business side by side with your staff, time is precious and you have little or no time to do "web development".


You want have easy maintenance, in house updates created, and control over what is on the internet.
How can you expect to keep the costs low, not go to school to learn programming, have it teachable to someone on your team? You want what the big companies have but are only a small to mid-size business? Do you truly expect to expand your business with an online presence given these boundaries? Don't your expectations seem a little high?.

Your expectations are not too high.

As an entrepreneur, your expectations must be high for both your business and for those you rely on for products and services. Fortunately for you, XSitePro website design software not only gives you want you want, it does more.

A snapshot of my screen in xSitePro.

XsitePro website design software

Eric Holmlund introduced xSitePro to me last year in his lessons on his website at www.Ericstips.com. If you are familiar with Eric, you will know he not only has a good understanding of how things work but has good skill with sharing / education. Since XSitePro website design software is not one of those "get it now or the piano will fall on you" marketing companies, I signed up for a webinar. (as a perpetual critic, expectations were low, even though Eric recommended it) There was not only one webinar, there were three. (and each one was packed full of info above expectations) These tutorials are now part of the resources for you when you purchase the software. The webinars presented not only showed how the program worked in depth step by step, but also showed with each step the basics of SEO, the internet and the methods to streamline going online. (The instructor actually built a website from scratch ... including how's & why's) I was sold after the first. But still I had to research and found dozens of positive remarks from others about the software. Once I downloaded the program, it proved to have email capturing resources, forms, affiliate tools, clip art, templates, SEO analysis tools, and the list goes on and on. (and on) If you believe that keeping your online marketing in house is the best solution for you, xSitePro not only guides you through the process step by step, but shows you the "why" to do it. You learn as you do (which is such a familiar formula when training self and others). money There are a few computer software tools which had high impact for me this last year and xSitePro proved to be worth the time and an outstanding value. (TechSmith's Camtasia and Snagit are also top of my list) I am smarter, faster, bigger and better because of the purchase of xSitePro2 and the value grows as my knowledge grows.


OK Downside .... (for me... maybe not for you) My quote: "things are not always as they appear to be". While I thought I was heading for gravy train, easy life and a very big shortcut because xSitePro is a very powerful program. To believe I was going to boot up and begin to create something wonderful the first day... ??? Mistake on my part. Do I expect to get into a NASCAR racer and head around the track at 200 miles an hour? (I teach Magic Marketing but that also takes time.) learnEVERYTHING has a learning curve. Yep, even XSitePro website design software. But only because my expectations and vision are pretty grand and my vocabulary was somewhat limited regarding the internet. It is said that every new role requires you to learn 200 new words and once you have learned them, the rest is "cake".

arrow Reminder to Self: There is NO software program that is usable without a learning curve. AND, it seems the more powerful a program is, the tougher it gets to learn. With all of its power, xSitePro proves to be the opposite of the rule. It has all the flexibility needed and includes show & tell videos, photo filled tutorials for step by step instructions to have anyone up and running in less time than other programs I have used. The common sense choices it provides leaves me moving forward without leaning too heavily on the help guides. xSitePro software is more than a website builder, it is a complete management system which includes tools for email, affiliates, SEO and much more. When i began I found it was speaking a language i was not familiar with, I needed to learn new definitions. (fortunately, the help section of xSitePro in the software allowed me to search the terms quickly) Plan on setting aside a "training period" of several hours to understand how to use it as you watch the training videos and practice. smiley facexSitePro2 works much the same way as your word processing program such as Microsoft Word so you will be surprised at how quickly a website will magically appear (almost magic) under your fingers.


Note: If you are planning on only having one website for the rest of your life, then I would not consider xSitePro nor any other website building program. Why learn and practice a skill to use only once? If you need someone to help you with a solution, send me an email. You can get you online in no time. (note: for a very basic website, the cost of the xSitePro will be less than hiring a cheap webdesigner who builds and maintains your site)


The small learning curve is worth it since it allowed me to learn more than just xSitePro it enhanced my awareness and skill level about the internet options. Don't take my word for it. Check out their testimonials page. Still want more? Refer to Eric's comments on Ericstips.com. If you get stuck, feel free to connect with me via email, twitter, inkedin , facebook .... whichever is your pleasure. Of course the xSitePro2 team has the great support you need already. Want to know more? Who can tell you better than the company who makes it, teaches it and support it? Here is the link. If you do decide to check out XSitePro website design software, be sure to watch the video (on the left screen of xSitePro website). The video tells the real story better than I can. It shows how and why your life can get faster, simpler and easier (and funner) for an outcome of more time, energy and profit with xSitePro2. May all your marketing be magic, Mike P.S. I am a fan & user of xSitePro2 I offer this testimonial and the links provided are affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, you help to support the resources you find on this website.... and I thank you. Here again is the link: XSitePro website design software

Michael Hartzell is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and professor of "Magic Marketing". With a history of sales increases in brick and mortar restaurant businesses from 50% to 500%.


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