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Google Keyword Tool

Webmaster Favorite - Enter website name or keywords for list of related searches. Statistics show search count and advertiser competition.  For help see Keyword Tool Tips.  Use Google Keyword Video Training for methods to evaluate and create keywords for ads or web pages. See also: Search based Keyword Tool

Google Webmaster Central

Web Tools for web owner to check website current status. Methods to better optimize site content. For instructional help see Webmaster Guidelines. Links included for basic help and FAQs with questions and answers on Google crawling and indexing.

Google Lab Specials

Google provides email updates with News and Blog Alerts. Use Google Docs & Spreadsheets to create and store files online. Dial 800-GOOG-411 for free local business information. Some services of Google Video were phased out after Google's purchase of YouTUBE. New services for cell phones are now in Mobile Product Search.

Google Gadgets

Gadgets can be fun or practical. Find them in desktop sidebar listings and website tools. Others are listed in Gadget Catalog. Discover hundreds of user made gadgets from world clocks to unique ways to display news and videos. Similar items can be found in Google Features

Google Analytics

Professional Analysis Software - Watch what visitors do. Dashboard helps web owner make change decisions. Integrates with Google AdWords. Track campaign "conversion" goals. Identify poor performing pages. Advanced features for new or experienced webmaster. 

Google AdSense - Web Income

Web Owner income earning program allows Google to place ads on website. Ads can be text, display, audio, video and mobile. Advertisements relate to page content and web owner choice of ad design and content. Income is earned based on visitor Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Pay-Per-Impression (PPI). Advertisers see Google AdWords.

Submit New Website Name 

Google automatically adds new websites. This sometimes takes months. To speed-up listing use Google's Content Submission. Webmasters can use Verify Googlebot to ensure site is indexed. Local area sites should also submit to Google Geo-Target and Yahoo Geo-Target.


Google Trends Timeline

Enter 1-5 terms. Two timelines show "searches" and "news stories" by US regions or country. Range: 30 days to 3 years. Google Hot Trends lists Top 100 in past 24 Hours. For advanced research use Google Insights with data pools, definable catagories and geo-metro selection.

Google Chrome - Free Browser

New technology Google Browser. See Google Video: Why Chrome? or world famous Chrome comic book. This "open source" browser competes with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox. Webmasters can install all three browsers on same PC for optimum website testing.

Free Google Products

Google Toolbar with PageRank. iGoogle desktop. View book text with Book Search. Free Blogger software and hosting. Business Finance charts and information. Gmail. Personal and Group Calendar. Create web Sites. Personal Health Records online. Build 3D SketchUp models. Use Google Groups.for Club calendar and mail. More Google Products.


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