New Report Shows Mobile Apps Lose to Browsers [infographic]

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New Report Shows Mobile Apps Lose to Browsers [infographic]


This new report reveals that consumers don’t turn to mobile apps for shopping.  The shopper does have a device preferences when shopping different retail categories.  You will find it interesting about the popularity and potential of tablet and Facebook shopping.

"Consumers show 20x preference for browser based Web, Tablet and Mobile Shopping over Apps."

This infographc shows how the trend of the consumer is changing but in a way noit quite what you might have predicted.

Source:  Zmags.  Enlarge here.


The most important  take-away from the report may be how mobile and tablet apps are not meeting connected consumers’ browsing and purchasing needs. Only 4% liketo shop using mobile apps.  This compares to 87% of PC owners, 14% of smartphone owners and 9% of tablet owners who prefer to browse and buy from the Web and mobile sites.

While you listen to the hype about the potential, the real story is in the numbers.  Will the trends change.  We shall see.  In the meantime, we will stick with inbound marketing which offers a combination of search, social, sharing and content marketing.


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