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Marketing Grader Review from the Beach


hubspotmarketinggraderreviewThe recent addition to Hubspot's plethora of inbound marketing tools is Marketing Grader.  Marketing Grader could be said to be a replacement for website grader except that it approaches evaluating marketing from a new perspective. 


Last year Dharmesh Shah, co-founder and CTO of Hubspot, gave an outstanding presentation titled: "The Science of Inbound Marketing".  Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO of Hubspot, gave an inspiring presentation with a clear message about the vision of Hubspot and the essence of inbound marketing.  If you are not yet familiar with inbound marketing, the mind-set and principles behind the strategies; the true power and value of the new Marketing Grader tool may not be realized.

As with all of Hubspot's tools, Marketing Grader does not disappoint within the area of simple and easy.  Enter a website address, add a competitor and email address, click "Generate Report" and you are literally seconds away from a report.

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Since the Interenet has already changed from being a static tool to a fluid one, changing and interactive environment; Hubspot's Marketing Grader focuses on the engagement factor.  Instead of evaluating the static website in depth, it looks across the web to find how you are being shared.

Consider:  "If you are all that you think you are, someone else will certainly share the best of you."  If you are "OK" but don't quite measure up, you will be overlooked by the world, not shared and the Marketing Grader will reflect this marginal acceptance.  Listen, re-think your team, review and then focus on the real hunger people have.

It is not a matter of how smart you are, how well you can manipulate code, or how hard you work.  What matters is "Are you listening?" and "When you listen, are you providing what people are asking for?"

If others share, link, bookmark, refer and recommend your business; your online marketing becomes more effective and business grows.

With a free tool such as Marketing Grader, it is simple in design and easy to test.  There is not a big investment to follow the suggestions offered in the Marketing Grader though the challenge to inspire others to respond and share will be ongoing and only gets tougher to do. 

Marketing Grader goes outside the conventional thought process and measures online marketing activities which then reflects success back in the form of a score.  The geniuses behind the curtain learn, adapt and upgrade the software.  Since the Internet itself is a changing world and every business is in constant flux, it is difficult to believe that ANY Marketing Grader score will remain the same from week to week.  This is a good sign since we need a tool which will serve as a reminder to listen, connect, engage and support those in need.

I, for one, appreciate the new challenges to marketing paradigms and beleive it better reflects the marketing reality than tools which measure only things. 

Whether you believe it or not, there is data showing the online trends are directly related to blogging, social media, Klout, organic search and engagement. 

Check out Marketing Grader wth a click.

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