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Posted by Michael Hartzell on Fri, Dec 09, 2011

If you are totally Twitter tired and feel like you need a break from tweets, is a tool which says you can unfollow everyone you follow.  I have not tested this tool (Nor do I plan to).

Once you visit, there is little said about the company or service.  You will not find a person waiting for your call, an email address to ask more questions or a help desk should something go wrong.

What could go wrong when you click to say "unfollow everyone on Twitter"? 

twitter unfollow

Are you ready to take the risk?  If you do, will the world end?  Will people who follow you get hurt when they find out you are no longer following them? 

If you are an addict, this tool may be helpful as part of your intervention.

Hopefully, this system is not one predatory in nature as it asks for your Twitter username and password.  It is odd that they are asking at this stage of the game. Twitter began using the OAuth technology 18 months ago.  The OAuth technology allows for applications to work WITHOUT the need for you to share a password.

For to be asking for a username and password should cause you to hesitation and fear.  This may very well be a legitimate software tool, but if you casually think nothing of giving away your username and password, then you may be ready for a calamity which risks losing your reputation, your accounts and your friends.

Here is Twitter's OAuth notification from last year which serves as much as a warning as it does an update:

Twitter OAuth

Read more here about Twitter OAuth.

Instead of asking for a password, the application will divert you to Twitter for authorization:


If you are using a tool which asks for authorization (without giving away a password), you will see the name of their application in your settings:

twitter applications

While it may be tempting to clean out your Twitter so that not a single person can ever send you an unwanted DM (direct message) again, taking what appears to be a shortcut might backfire on you.

Chris Brogan has already done the Great Unfollow Experiment of 2011 and shares his thoughts:


Read the rest of the story:  The Great Twitter Unfollow Experiment of 2011

If you are looking for ways to unfollow people who have no interest in connecting with you (celebrities, magazines, news companies), here are a few tools to use for bulk unfollowing (both fee and free):


Twitter Karma



The real story is about you; your too-much-faith and your over-trust.  If you are click happy and find your finger goes everywhere without a referring to the brain, then it may be time to take a break.  If you are willing to give away your usernames and passwords without any hesitation, I hope you have nothing to risk (job, reputation, friends, etc.)

If you are truly interested in a tool such as then I recommend that you start a new Twitter account with a very unique username and password.  Follow a few folks then use UnfollowAll as a test.  Then close the Twitter account.  Even then it makes me just a bit nervous since the rest of the world has moved on to use OAuth software. 

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