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How to Choose a Business Structure Infographic


How to choose a business structure that helps you meet your objectives is not a simple task.  There are many structures to choose from when it comes to starting a company. provides business owners with the information. 

Business entities are distinguished by five factors: Personal Liability, Taxation, Ownership (number and type of owners), Formation Requirements, and Formalities (record keeping).

An infographic shows helps you figure out the best business structure for your company.

business structure
Visit for more resources on How to Start a Business

If only an infographic could be the final answer.  It is time to contact an attorney who will get it done for you.  Fortunately, you have the infographic for how to choose a business structure to provide a stepping stone to having a conversation.

Need an attorney?  If you are in Washington State, I recommend that you contact Mark Walters at:



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You always post the best infographics, thank you for sharing.
Posted @ Thursday, October 27, 2011 5:40 AM by Mark Moreno
You are most welcome. Glad to hear the graphics keep you edutained. :) 
Comes as a big compliment from someone who see as much as you do. 
Happy Halloween.
Posted @ Friday, October 28, 2011 10:33 AM by Michael Hartzell
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