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WEB 3.0 Quiz


It is difficult to keep pace as the Internet phases into WEB 3.0.  There are many entrepreneurs who have yet to harness WEB 1.0.  As you read TechTalk on, the proverbial gauntlet is thrown with an observation by Tim O'Reilly followed by a WEB 3.0 quiz.

"According to Web media professional Tim O'Reilly, sites like Amazon and Facebook are leading the way into the second generation of the World Wide Web. But what will the third generation look like?"

What will your score be for a WEB 3.0 quiz? 

The GetSmart Challenge begins:

web 3 quiz 1

The first question is about where the generations of WEB came from:

tweb 3 quiz 2

Whether you know the origination of the WEB descriptions may not seem important.  Understanding the basis for each generation should impact how to think about the Internet and marketing.

Do you know what API stands for?

dweb 3 quiz 3

It is on the quiz.

What year was the Internet invented?  Take the quiz.

web 3 quiz 4

Do you understand how Internet browsing is changing? 

web 3 quiz 5

If not, hard work will not compensate for lack of knowledge.

Test your team.  Test your boss.  Use this as an opportunity to show off.  Take the WEB 3.0 Quiz here.

Possibly most important?  Test those you are depending on for marketing.  Anticipate trends vs. reacting to the competition.

WEB 3.0 is not turned on with a switch on any particular date.  As the virtual world and tech tools march forward, there will be a stretch between the WEB 1.0 as small businesses still choose not to have a virtual, WEB 2.0 which has chatter and confusion about how to get ROI and WEB 3.0 as the database becomes more important than ever. 

What was your score?  Did you get a 10 our of 10?

web 3 quiz 6 resized 600

Inbound marketing is alive and well and will be more important than ever as the world shifts to WEB 3.0.

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I took the quiz and scored 7/10 and I almost feel like a genius until I realize that it was a genius who shared this. I am humbled and honored to learn from you. Have a Super Day and thank you for sharing.
Posted @ Wednesday, April 06, 2011 5:16 AM by Mark Moreno
You are too kind and 7 out of 10 is outstanding considering that so many are not yet understanding WEB 1.0 let alone WEB 3.0. 
Genius.... not sure about that though I do wake up each morning and ask myself (and others): "What would Albert (Einstein) or Ben (Franklin) do in this situation? Does asking the question in reference to geniuses count? :) 
Sometimes those who never give up and persist to the end may look a bit more like a genius because their persistence and tenacity got them an answer. 
In my mind, that means anyone can look a bit like a genius if they don't quit when everyone else does. 
thank you for sharing as well. I appreciate your contribution. 
Posted @ Wednesday, April 06, 2011 12:43 PM by Michael Hartzell
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