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Business Too Dependent on Social Media


Social media platforms are certainly a great way to expand a message and connect with people.  However, dependency on social media marketing tools can be, and has been, a nightmare for a few businesses.

When your business is solely dependent on social media companies such as Twitter, be prepared to share in their growing pains.

The lesson is not a new one but certainly is a reminder:

online media daiily marketing

Twitter news story resized 600

Who is right?  Who is the bad guy?  Who is "breaking the rules"?  Excellent business relationships keep what is described in the article from happening.  Your business consultant will have it on the list: "What happens when..." - "What is the risk .....".

When a product or service provider is the primary reason for an entrepreneur's success, it would make sense for communication and collaboration to be at the top of the list.  An "open platform" can mean "lack of control" or "potential inconsistencies" as the game changes over time.

What this means to you as an entrepreneur:  Changes are expected.  When you make a commitment to buy a product or service which is dependent on another, look for proof of the "special connection" with words like "partner".

There will be a thousand more apps you will have an interest in before the year is out.  They will be brilliant, amazing, and very fun.  Those who are building the apps are no less than genius.  If the widget or app that is reliant on the big boys of social media (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Biznik) does not have a history of success, news stories, contact phone number, forum, great testimonials from real people, and high traffic on the website; caution is needed.

Sure, testing new widgets will be a part of a marketing plan.  Being too dependent is risky.

Read the article and decide for yourself. I love widgets, apps and gadgets.  The latest and greatest technology is a part of the Five Essentials to Business Success.  They are a part of the formula to be unbelievable and more efficient.

Who to trust?  Which widgets, apps and software gadgets have either closed, became antiques, were bought out or were shut out by the heavy hitter Internet social media companies?  Do you know any?

In all cases, keep it real and hope for the best.  Have big dreams without hype.  Increase interdependent relationships for win-win.

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Good Stuff!  
One of my favorite restaurant marketing devices of yesteryear was matchbooks. The new matchbook is social media. Just like the old matchbooks once they are out of your hands you will never know whether they start a good fire or a bad fire. Effectively, the matchbooks were like mini billboards and in so many ways the same can be said of Social Media. Strike with caution!
Posted @ Monday, February 21, 2011 7:20 PM by Mark Moreno
thank you for your keen insight.  
Yes. I remember. Matchbooks. 
They were every where. 
"Do you have a light, baby?" was heard in every town. 
Now it is "go outside if you want to smoke" and "let's be friends of FB" 
Posted @ Monday, February 21, 2011 7:43 PM by Michael Hartzell
This post explores a negative to social media that I never thought about previously: the negative effects glitches in the social media site itself could have on the business. I thought this was really interesting, and another reason businesses really shouldn't depend on social media as much as some do: social media is a marketing tool, and should not be your total marketing department. Period.
Posted @ Sunday, October 07, 2012 9:18 PM by Katie
thanks for stopping by. Glad the article prompted new thoughts. 
Posted @ Sunday, October 07, 2012 9:33 PM by Michael Hartzell
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