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Free Photos, Free Graphics, Free Videos, Free Audios for Marketing


Below you will find a resource for free photos and a few examples.  For the entrepreneur who is hoping to save $5 to $10, free photos are, in reality, very costly.  Hours of searching cost time which can't be recaptured.  Wasted time is the highest of all expenses. 

Free is great and my first choice.  To spend hours looking for "free" vs. spending a few dollars is what hobbyists do; not successful entrepreneurs.

How to receive free photos, images, videos and audios:

Sign up with istockphoto and receive alerts about the latest photos and specially highlighted lightboxes.  Links to free files are included at the very bottom of the "Tip of the Month" emails from iStockphoto.

free files from istockphoto

Yes.  They are free.

Yes.  There are terms and conditions.

Yes.  You need to sign up for an account.

No.   You are not obligated to spend any money.

Yes.  You will be impressed by the inventory.

Yes.  You might get carried away inside the site. (Caution)

Yes.  You will re-analyze how you spend hours looking for a resource when a photo can be purchased for $1.50 or less.

The offer for free photos, videos and audios is temporary and if you miss it, the opportunity expires.  As new photos are offered, the older ones are removed from the free list.  You snooze, you lose.

Here are samples from this month's free photos on iStockphoto:

free photos from istockphoto resized 600

free videos from istockphoto

free music from istockphoto

Go to www.istockphoto.com, sign up for an account (free) and subscribe to the "Tip of the Month".  Watch for the free photos.

www.thinkstock.com is also owned by Getty Images and also offers a free image every week. Go to www.thinkstock.com each week for your free image download.

free image of the week

If, at the end of each day, you look back and wonder where the time went, consider another tool:  PersonalBrain

The PersonalBrain will help you organize and focus.  Once you see the visualization of your thoughts in front of you on a mind map, it will be easier to eliminate waste and turn to what is most important.

Download PersonalBrain free.


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