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Wufoo - Free Software for Creating Forms


Wufoo is an online tool to create forms.  As a fan of Jotform and a user of Hubspot (which already has a form creation tool built in), it is tough to get my attention.  Wufoo is very simple to learn and the form you see below was set up in under 5 minutes.




The tools of a successful entrepreneur must be intuitive, easy to learn, simple to apply and have great support.  Wufoo seems to have all of this and more.

Below is a list of examples of tasks Wufoo can be used for:

wufoo5 resized 600

Here is an an interview with the founders of Wufoo at Future of Web Apps (FoWA) 2008 in Miami, Florida.  This video is a look back in time.  The principles these young men talk about have not changed.

Depending on the structure of your business, your choices are to:

A)  Use an integrated all in one software solution with forms such as Hubspot.

B)  Use the simple form creation tool for your marketing, leads, application process and invitations with a tool such as Wufoo or Jotform.

Wufoo gets a thumbs up because of its simplicity and ability to support entrepreneurs with offline activities OR online marketing.

Which is your favorite tool for forms?  Have you started your journey yet?  Why not?

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