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Business Success Goal: SOB


I love acronyms.  It is a blessing and a curse. Every business seems to have its own set of acronyms.  If a list grows too large it causes confusion instead of creating more simplicity.

A few favorites are:

SNOW  = Serenity Now Outside Window

FAT      = Faith And Trust

WAD    = Wonder And Doubt

MOM    = Manipulation Of Managers

CAKE    = Computer Always Knows Everything

WOW   = Words Of Wisdom

MAD     = Making A Difference

These acronyms are certainly not the most important to business, though what a fun sentence we can make!

Be MAD, say something important and others will respond with:  WOW.  Daydreaming and thinking about SNOW is not good for business. FAT in CAKE lowers WAD and can make the best MOM. 

That was stretching it a bit.  Sorry.

The most important of all the acronyms might be:  SOB.

SOB is a requirement.  SOB stands for Selling Or Building.

If you are not Selling Or Bulding and are just talking, there can be no sale, no income, no future.

Selling does not refer to being a "salesperson".  Selling refers to ensuring the transaction happens and the delivery of the product or service is completed.  Selling is about ensuring that the money goes into a register or bank account.

The SOB (Sell Or Build) mindset ensures that one of two things can happen whenever there is a pause, even for a few minutes, in the day.

Bulding can be:

  • Build a product
  • Build a system
  • Build a presentation
  • Build a training tool
  • Build a website
  • Build a relationship

SOB needs to be on every measure of success.  When asked about the SOB, the answer would be 20 sales and 30 things  built.

checkWithout something built, there is nothing to sell.

checkWithout something sold, there is not really a business, there is just a museum.

Do you have the mindset of SOB?  If not, what do you spend your time on?  No or low sales might be as a result of missing the SOB attitude.

What is your favorite acronym?

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I've been connected to US military bases for a number of years. They have an acronym for practically everything they do, and each one is meant to be a clever way to remember a positively useless, denuded, or anaemic program. So, I'm less than thrilled by them. For me, at least, the emphasis is on the wrong thing: sounding cute; when it should be put on creating a great program. 
Only two things drive the public sector: image and politics. Acronyms fall in the first category.
Posted @ Monday, November 15, 2010 2:18 PM by Bruce
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