Guerrilla Marketing Training by Jay Conrad Levinson Personally

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Guerrilla Marketing Training by Jay Conrad Levinson Personally


For twenty plus years I have doubled sales in businesses.  (In some cases, tripled and quintupled sales in business.)  The answer is pretty simple as to why.  One is my own craziness combined with a persistent passion to progress with the five essentials to business success and another is Jay Conrad Levinson and Guerrilla Marketing.

Here is the invitation from Jay Conrad Levinson (the father of Guerrilla Marketing) to think about very seriously.  In 1990 I attended a seminar by Jay Conrad Levinson in Washington state and now you can learn how to double, triple or quintuple sales as well.  

(No, this is not for any kickback or affiliate.  I do so simply because I know it will blow you away and help you achieve success.)

guerrilla marketing green


Dear Guerrilla --
jay conrad levinson
I promise that the best use of your time and energy this year will be to learn about marketing in the home of the Father of Guerrilla Marketing.  You'll learn in face-to-face sessions with me and get the personal attention you deserve. 

That means doing everything you can to attend the Guerrilla Marketing Intensive from August 16th through the 18th at my lakefront house just outside Orlando, Florida.  You'll benefit from 21 hours of invaluable training, all delivered by me, personally, in an intimate and comfortable setting that overlooks Lake Monroe. 

I plan on sharing insights, one after another, that will probably blow you away because so many of them fly in the face of conventional wisdom.  Our last Guerrilla Marketing Intensive, held in June of this year, was a resounding success, as you'll hear when you view the video you can click to after you finish this email.  Every person who attended got a whole lot more out of it than they ever expected. 


You'll also get a signed copy of the latest Guerrilla Marketing book, and be awarded a handsome, framed Certificate of Completion, along with a highly professional workbook for the hands-on exercises you'll be doing.  But most of all, you'll leave the Intensive with more solid, usable, unforgettable, and practical marketing wisdom than your competitors will ever have.

Some attendees felt that the Guerrilla Marketing Strategy that they created, with my help, was their most important take-away of the three days. 

We'll explode myths you may have been believing, investigate new avenues that are still unknown to most business owners, and delve into the secrets of Guerrilla Marketing, many of which have created millionaires and a fair share of billionaires. 

Guerrilla Marketing is rapidly becoming mainstream marketing, and those who don't know why are suffering.  That's why we've now sold over 21 million copies of Guerrilla Marketing books and why they're now in 62 languages.  As there are now two kinds of businesses -- growing and dying, there are also two kinds of business owners -- constantly learning and hopelessly clueless. 

The size of our Guerrilla Marketing Intensive is limited. But we've made it simple to afford by letting you make two payments of $2499 each.  That fee is expected to double when the recession ends, so don't miss out on it now.

Just view the video about it by clicking on the blue hyperlink below, then register while you can still be admitted to this rare opportunity to learn what guerrillas must know about marketing in 2010 and beyond. 


I look forward to meeting you and sharing crucial guerrilla marketing insights with you.  Every single word i say will be directed to improving your profits starting immediately and lasting forever. 


ps: My daughter, Amy Levinson is standing by to answer your questions by phone at 360-791-7479 or by email at olympiagal@aol.com 


The Father of Guerrilla Marketing

Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books
Named one of the 100 best business books ever written
Over 21 million sold; now in 62 languages

PS: You'll never enjoy learning more than at this Guerrilla Marketing Intensive.   


Never before have I used Guerrilla Marketing principles more than I do today.  The new culture and new technology strengthen the ideas you will find in the books and tapes.  As I read this twenty years old book, it is interesting to see how many "new" ideas people are talking are in the book.

If you have a small business where money is tight (as it was for me in 1990) and you decide to finance it over 12 months, this will be less expensive than a small marketing campaign each month with much better pay off.  If you are a big company thinking:  "Should I send my key leader?"  These are not "temporary concepts" and have been proven over and over.  Make the call.

The cheerleading is over, it is time for you to make a decision before it fills up.

"It's always your next move." - Napoleon Hill

Can't make it to meet Jay in person?  You will be missing out.  

Pick up your copy of the books Jay Conrad Levinson and Seth Godin co-authored:  

By Jay Conrad Levinson and Seth Godin


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