Knowledge Empowers so Learn & Teach validated by the last of Seth Godin

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Knowledge Empowers so Learn & Teach validated by the last of Seth Godin


Knowledge Empowers so Learn & Teach ™  This is the foundation for the day.  I do not pitch, I teach.  I do not sell, I share.  I do not close, I invite.  I do not script, I illuminate.  If you are illuminated and feel that you have learned enough, then more power to you and use it well.  Pay it forward so that the community will be a better place for us both to live.  If you have learned from me and get hungry for more then it is "go time" so be prepared to suit up and get something done.

If you are having a barrier to success, I believe it can be broken down to either of two areas:  Skill or Will.  You come to me and say:  "Mike, I don't know how" or "Mike, that is too hard, too far and too much, and I just don't want to."

No, it is not because of resources, money or fame.  Everyone has a talent that just needs to be flamed.

If you want to work on skill, I assist at times for free and sometimes for a fee.  If you want to work on "Will", be prepared to make a case that your "wanna-be" is more than just talk. 

To remain perpetually positive regardless of the high resistance and low skill, I remember each day:  Knowledge Empowers so Learn & Teach. ™ 

Wouldn't you know that Seth Godin again organizes the 26 letters in such a way to emphasize my goals and mantra.  He validates my philosophy (as usual).

Here is the last part of Seth's blog today:

"...The vast majority of marketers, though, take the opposite tack. Ask them for advice about their competitors, they turn away and say "I really wouldn't know." Ask them for details about their suppliers, and they don't want to tell you. Ask them to show you a recipe for how to make what they make on your own, and "it's a trade secret." Their perfect customer is someone in a hurry, with plenty of money and not a lot of knowledge about their options.

You've already guessed the punchline--if just one player enters the field and works to make people smarter, the competition has a hard time responding with a dumbness offensive. They can obfuscate and run confusing ads, but sooner or later, the inevitability of information spreading works in favor of those that bet on it."

It is the last portion of Seth's blog today. (Why not use the last of the blog as a sample vs. the first?)  Again I say:  Read Seth's Blog.

Time for you to decide:
  • What is your barrier?  Skill or Will?
  • Is your goal as a marketer to make people dumber or smarter?
  • Do you need more marketing tools? 



Beautifully written and something I live by. I started our forum because Trollbeads was relatively new to the U.S. and there were many questions. Now a year later I have members from all over the world who have added 8000 photographs and simply inspire each other to collect more. I add the infomative parts to teach about the history (35 years) and how to use the Beads. 
Posted @ Saturday, July 10, 2010 9:41 AM by Louise Rogers
What a great business success story. Thank you for sharing both your special feedback and your testimonial about creating success. 
Posted @ Saturday, July 10, 2010 6:07 PM by Michael Hartzell
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