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Create Business Success Story by Using The Brain and Website Magazine


Missing success in business is not due to a lack of information.  Prioritizing and creating a great action plan is the issue.  The Personal Brain is a tool to help you overcome the obstacles.

The information you seek is like berries on a bush.  As long as you can reach through the vines, the prickles, the thorns, and the weeds, and beware of the snakes and spiders, you can get it done.

After you select the top three articles you want to follow up on inside Website Magazine, set up a Brain Buddy Session with me to save many hours of research, learning and pain.


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This Week at Website Magazine:

Google Tags Now Available for Local Biz
Google officially rolled out its Google Tags product this morning and it's one of the most significant (and meaningful) changes to the local search advertising landscape in a very long time.

Email-Social Segmentation Simplified
Kudos to email and social media mavens for realizing that two great mediums work perfectly well together and that one will not (or should not) entirely replace the other.

Visa Rolls Out New Online Payment Service
Launched today in Australia, Visa's new online transaction service is aimed at making it easier for teenagers to purchase their favorite music, games and movies on the Web.

WordStream's Negative Keyword Tool
Keyword research platform WordStream has released a free negative keyword tool. If you need to improve click-through rates and Quality Score (don't forget your ROI from advertising) this is definitely a resource to check out.

The Return of Direct Navigation
Trellian, a provider of Internet marketing solutions such as keyword research tool KeywordDiscovery.com, has announced the availability of a direct navigation ad platform dubbed the Trellian AdNetwork.

Facebook App Development with KickApps
Social software platform KickApps announced the availability of a development suite for its AppStudio product which enables the creation of social applications on Facebook.

eBay's RedLaser Brings Barcodes and Comparison Shopping Center Stage
E-commerce powerhouse eBay has acquired a popular barcode-scanning application for the iPhone in RedLaser.

Quality Assurance on Networks and Exchanges (IAB Guidelines)
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) today released the finalized "Networks ∓ Exchanges Quality Assurance Guidelines," a document that standardizes the information networks and exchanges provide to advertisers, enhances buyer control over the placement and context of advertising, and builds brand safety.

BrightEdge Launches Enterprise-class SEO Platform
Search engine optimization (SEO) solutions provider BrightEdge has announced its new platform designed to increase revenue from organic search in a measurable and predictable way.

Increasing Traffic with Infographics
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but even the simplest infographic can be worth ten times that amount of new visitors to your website.

Inside Online Hiring at Elance
Freelance marketplace Elance released results of its online hiring practices survey which revealed that the majority of businesses (64%) prefer online hiring.

Shopping on the iPad
E-Commerce solution provider Shopatron has some data that might get you even more excited about the iPad possibilities. 

ShopVisible Launches Mobile Commerce Platform
Leading e-commerce solutions provider ShopVisible has launched a mobile shopping platform that runs on all major devices including iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile.

E-mail with Social Features Boosts Click-through Rates
Over the past several months, many industry voices are surmising that social media messaging could one day replace e-mail.

Adknowledge Acquires Hydra to Form Largest Affiliate Network
Adknowledge has acquired Hydra in a move that will eventually create the online advertising industry's largest affiliate network.

5 Ways to Reboot Your E-commerce Business
IRCE 2010 wrapped up a couple of weeks ago after drawing nearly 6,500 e-commerce professionals to Chicago for the four-day event.

Shop.org Forming E-commerce Think Tank
E-commerce professionals, here's an opportunity to make a lasting impact on your industry: the National Retail Division's e-commerce community, Shop.org, is accepting applications for a new Think Tank to launch in September.

Mobile Ad Report: iPad Surging, Android Gaining
Mobile advertising network Millennial Media has released the May analysis for mobile devices on its network, which reaches 82 percent of the 72 million mobile Web users in the U.S.



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