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Google automatically changes language based on IP limits online marketing


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Google Discussion Forum on WebPro World

checkmarkGoogle automatically changes language based on IP - how to stop this?

Question:  I am currently travelling in Mexico and am getting more and more frustrated by Google. It is constantly switching the language on the page to Spanish (which I don't read or speak) and some pages do not have the option to change the language to English. Does anyone know if there is a browser add-on or something that will keep the language as English?

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Source:  WebPro World.  This forum is useful.  Join.

The answers to your problems are searchable.  You can use Google alerts to have article alerts sent direct to your email inbox.  Think about the number of hours per week spent on "input" to know more vs. producing.

Increased information available means less research necessary.  The library and resources is more accessible more quickly.  Why is it that the amount of time spent on consuming information increases when in reality less is needed?
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Aw, who does Google think they are anyway... haha
Posted @ Friday, June 25, 2010 3:34 PM by Ken Karnack
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