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Business Webinar: Push Button Tech Tools, Doing Twice as Much in Half the Time


Ever wonder how to do more in a day?  It's time to dig into my bag and share the tricks and tips few know in the upcoming webinar series.  Sign up.   It's guaranteed to make you think twice about where you spend your time and money each day. 

If you are a business owner or manager who is putting in extra time to do twice as much because the pinch is on?  There has never been person yet who I have not been able to offer tips to get it done.    Your invitation is below.   As you can see, Texas On the Go is the sponsor and facilitator.   

If you are a tech geek.  Skip this.  Or if you are and need validation that you know all there is to know?  Welcome!  

Bring on those questions which have confounded you. 

 Michael hartzell push button tech tools

Business owners say:

"It costs too much and too much time is spent on:"

  • Researching people and competitors.
  • Keeping up with trends in the industry.
  • Finding the right person who is interested in your product or service NOW.
  • Email - Enough said. Too much time on Email. (Junk)
  • Scheduling conflicts.
  • Following up on potential customers.
  • Following up on "problem customers."
  • Staff training.
  • Travel time.
  • Learning new technology.
  • Doing the work the hard way.
  • Shuffling the paperwork.

Would business improve if you could save hours each day with researching, phone tag, staff management, paperwork and travel time? 

Wouldn't it be great to learn how to get more introductions with less effort and a higher number of people who say "yes"?    Aren't you looking forward to riding the tech wave instead of becoming a victim of the tech wave?

It's time to throw away the proverbial hand saw and go for the power saw:

Early bird sign up is waiting for you to click.

Do you want to finally say goodbye to the 20th Century?  If you have put it off for ten years, let me help. Sign up

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