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Remove Business Risk: Malware | Anti-Spyware | Backup


business computer bug Business Computer goes down.  Cost will be $2000.  This is calculated from your time and effort to fix it (three days), new software, computer repair bill (after you can't fix it), loss of data, loss of customers, and loss of awareness.  I bet you can't go six months before a major computer bug will zap your business, leaving you with a wish for an unattainable success.

This is a list of free and fee based software to protect your business computer.  I have used and recommend:

Forums and references that specialize in malware removal help:

Backup your computer:

There are thousands of options to create backups, clean adware, guard, and protect from threats.   Goal:  Go the rest of the year without your business stalling because of a computer breakdown.
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I tried the Spyware Remove. Unfortunately, this company has adopted the practice of telling you what your problems are for free, but then charging you to remove them. 
I'm more likely to pay for something if I know in advance that I will have to than I am if it's sprung on me at the critical point. So, here's another company that hasn't recognized the importance of honesty and full disclosure.
Posted @ Thursday, April 15, 2010 3:43 AM by Bruce Hoag, PhD, CPsychol
Thanks you for the feedback.. I have removed it from the list because of the point you made. 
Best, Mike
Posted @ Thursday, April 15, 2010 11:49 AM by Michael Hartzell
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