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MarketMeTweet Twitter for Business Software


"Take new software for a test run" is on my to do list.  This saves the time and money entrepreneurs find very precious.  MarketMeTweet is on my list this month.

Since this article was written, the MarketMeTweet business owners have taken care of business and the software has improved dramatically.  While you read on, please understand this is history and no longer applies.

Based on a review, I purchased the new tool MarketMeTweet (with hesitation).  There are principles to follow when becoming a customer and one of them is "be able to pick up the phone and call for support when needed."

 There are principles to follow when becoming the customer and one of them is "be able to pick up the phone and call for support when needed."

Even though this was not going to be the case, the rule is broken because of a higher cause:  Test, learn and teach.  I am not a programmer nor do I want to be. (Nor do you as an entrepreneur or business owner.)


Here is the emails I received from MarketMeTweet and Twitter.  I have edited confidential information.

Email #1 from MarketMeTweet

Hi Michael,

Thank you so much for registering for Market Me Tweet, the full service Twitter Marketing, Managing, and Branding Application.  If you have completed payment and downloaded the app, you can now log in using the details below. If you didn't completely payment, please do so at this link:

You will need to keep this e-mail safe.

The e-mail address you registered with is:

The password you chose is

If you have any questions please post in our forum at marketmetweet.com/forum or fill out a support ticket at support.marketmetweet.com, but first, be sure to watch our tutorial videos.

All our tutorial videos can be found at marketmetweet.com/tutorials

If you had trouble downloading the app please download it here: www.marketmetweet.com/marketmetweet-download.html

Please do not reply to this e-mail as we will not receive it.

Happy Tweeting,
Alan and Tammy
Co Directors of Market Me Tweet

The response above was obviously automatic and was sure to mention not to reply to the email.  It states that questions are answered via a forum or support ticket.

Here is what happens the following day:

1st Email from Twitter on 03/09/10

This is a notice that your OAuth token for Michael Hartzell has been suspended from interacting with the Twitter API.

Please make sure that your application follows Twitter's policies, including the Twitter rules, the API rules, and the automation rules.

To request for your token to be re-enabled, please write to api@twitter.com

Twitter Support

Please do not reply to this message; it was sent from an unmonitored email address. This message is a service email related to your use of Twitter. For general inquiries or to request support with your Twitter account, please visit us at Twitter Support.       

Thus, within 24 hours Twitter has revoked the Authorization.  The instructions / tutorials were followed and no excess or affiliate links used.  Again, no phone number to call for either company so the need for more study / reading and testing?  

Since it appeared the instructions were followed and the tool already proved it was neither simple nor easy, I immediately notified MarketMeTweet asking for a refund since the product did not serve its purpose as claimed. (opinion)

Here is the response:

Email #2 from MarketMeTweet on 3/10/10

Hi There,

Sorry! But we can't help you here!

Please fill out a support ticket at:


On your ticket please indicate if you are using MarketMeTweet or TweetBrand.

Please allow 24 hrs for a response.

Alternatively you can probably find your answer by visiting our tutorials and FAQ's, which you can find here at your support page:

If this is is a request to speak directly to Alan or Tammy please email hello@marketmetweet.com


MarketMeTweet Team


OOPS - Well the previous email had said NOT to email them at Support.  Sure enough, there is an automated service as a reminder.  Try again.


Email #3 from MarketMeTweet on 3/10/10

-- do not edit --

Michael Hartzell,

Our customer support team personnel has replied to your support request #695595

If you app has been made inactive Michael you can contact api@twitter.com to see why it was made inactive.


We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email or login to your account for a complete archive of all your support request and responses. Please do not reply to this email, we will not see it.


Thus far my allotment of time to do a test has expired and if the product had proven to be faster, easier, simpler & funner it would have stayed in the arsenal.  The aspect of branding your own tweets as a business owner has some appeal.  The cost & time of maneuvering through new languages and rules which have very narrowly defined parameters does not.

Sadly, it becomes obvious that MarketMeTweet has plenty of business and is not worried about losing a few unhappy customers.  The process in today's time is:  Invent a software widget, throw up a forum and an automated support service system.  Refer those who have a problem to Twitter and let them figure it out.  Obviously it is your problem so why did you bother asking us about our software?

The real lesson is this:

  • Don't do business with this type of company:
    • Don't do business with companies whose goal is to take and skim along the top of the wave until it gives out.
    • Don't do business with companies who do not provide a solid form of interaction and solutions every step of the way.
    • Don't do business with companies who don't have warranties or guarantees.
    • Don't do business with companies who will pass you off to other companies as their support solution.
    • Don't do business with a company who acts as if they were your partner in success instead of simply selling you a gadget.

Yes, I know the old days are gone and everyone is in a hurry to get the next thingy on the market, rake it in, and get out before anyone knows what hit them.  Yes, I know technology is moving too fast to have the government or agencies step in and create boundaries such as the 3 day rule for refunds in such cases.

The solution?  Don't let your business be reliant on another business that has not yet proven themselves with support and communication along with a guarantee.

On the other hand ... You may be one who is hoping to strike it rich with a gadget and do a similar such thing?  Go for it.  You may find it works for you.  You may also find lawsuits, angry people and people you hurt.

Here are companies I appreciate not because their software or services are perfect but because they prove over and over again that education, services, availability and guaranteed satisfaction is a must:

  • Hubspot
  • Personal Brain
  • EventBrite
  • Constant Contact
  • DIY Themes
  • Grasshopper
  • XSitePro
  • Getty Images
  • 1and1
  • Hostgator

I rely on such companies and many more to help me be great at what I do.  Think deep and hard before you put your trust in a company that you are unable to connect with personally.

The question that remains?  What will be my next steps in regard to MarketMeTweet?  Time is money and while some may have time to study such small details for hours; I don't, and neither do you. 

Don't break the rule:  Don't do business with companies unless they have a phone number and great support (and satisfaction guarantee).  You are a reflection of those you trust.  How much of your time is spent back-tracking to repair or fix software issues?  Vendor incompetence?  How many times?  When will you stop?  How will you give a warning?

MADtv Video Stop IT Bob Newhart might be the answer?


  1. Your identity is linked directly to those you trust.
  2. Watch for guarantees.
  3. Don't be a programmer.
  4. There are more ways to get it done, don't get stuck on this one.
  5. Free or low cost is not always what it appears.
  6. Don't buy hype. Pause and Ponder before you grab the wallet.


Hi Michael, 
I'm so sorry that you feel our customer service is not up to snuff. We have spent a lot of time doing detailed video tutorials. As we state in one of our first 'faqs' we cannot make twitter allow you to have a brand. Trust me if we could it would be awesome but that's twitter's call - if your account has ever engaged in 'black hat twittering' or if they don't like your brand name or landing page they will make it inactive. We also offer a 14 day refund. So if you are dissatisfied it would take about 3 minutes of your time to fill out a ticket. We check tickets every day, twice a day, even when our small team is at a conference which is where we are right now. We're good people, committed to putting out a great app. I will note your comments but if you'd like a toll free number, well we are just too small for that right now. Perhaps if we charged $200 per app we'd be at that point but we tried to keep it more economical, but i think that a response within 24 hours is pretty good :) Email me if you'd like to speak more. I think you'll find we're real pleasant :)
Posted @ Friday, March 12, 2010 6:53 AM by Tammy
Thank you Tammy for stopping by and clarifying the points about: 
1) Be careful about "black hat" (which did not apply in this case) 
2) 14 day refunds available (missed seeing reference to this in email above or on website) The policy is good to know! Changes things a bit. 
3) The big dog is Twitter (yep, can't call them on the phone either.) Trial and error when trying new things. :) 
4) Response for a ticket within 24 hours is an acceptable standard. True.  
My best tip for you to consider? www.grasshopper.com They offer a 1-800 number for less than $50 per month (I use them) They also have a 1-800 number. (of course then the question comes, who will answer and what will the hours of operation be?) :) Even so, for those who operate with business offline would be happy. 
there are many other such companies, I like grasshopper and its not because they sent me a chocolate covered grasshopper in the mail.) :) 
All good points and I see my inbox has an additional note from you. Thank you. 
The rule for me still applies to small business entrepreneurs. Before you leap, think, know the service aspect and guarantees up front or you better have the time or expertise (and patience) to trek through the muck of new technology barriers. 
Gotta say.... good response and very quick too! Even from a conference no less. 
thank you for that! clears my head a bit though even with the very good tutorials the adventure is still risky since there are very specific rules to follow many will not know.  
Posted @ Friday, March 12, 2010 12:30 PM by Michael Hartzell
Good idea about grasshopper! will have to look into it. I'm actually at underground 6 (yanik's event) so i'm finding all sorts of great ideas... my head might explode! ;)
Posted @ Friday, March 12, 2010 1:32 PM by Tammy
Head explosions are bad. That is why I show this video http://www.michaelhartzell.com/videos-that-rock/barry-schwartz-the-paradox-of-choice/ 
Yanik has it down. Best. (keep me posted about Grasshopper) 
Posted @ Friday, March 12, 2010 5:41 PM by Michael Hartzell
With a refund in hand and interaction via the support desk Market Me Tweet has taken the steps necessary to satisfy the customer well within their 14 day guarantee. While there is risk because of the issues of being dependent on Twitter (who can change the rules and call the shots), those more experienced online entrepreneurs may want to take a look at this unique tool.  
MarketMeTweet will one to watch.
Posted @ Wednesday, March 17, 2010 11:44 AM by Michael Hartzell
Thanks for sharing. This article leaves me with A LOT of unanswered questions, though.  
1. From Email #1 looks like an automated reply after you registered the software, not a reply to a request for support. Did you actually ask a support question and got that email or was that just a reply to your registration?  
2. From 1st Email from Twitter. Isn't this something you should be taking up with twitter? Did you try to mass-follow or mass unfollow? Did Twitter tell you what the reason for the suspension was? You should share that email with us. If it was the application, that is one thing, but I think the problem here is Twitter and it is TWITTER who should be responding. 
Could you please clarify those issues? I was looking for the good and the bad of the software and all I got is more reason to be mad at Twitter, LOL!  
Ps.,I don't expect free phone support for $39 bucks but at least they should provide some email support.
Posted @ Tuesday, May 18, 2010 3:53 PM by Darryl
Yep, we do email support - we have a support desk :) as you can see from above comment author is now pleased :)
Posted @ Tuesday, May 18, 2010 4:33 PM by tammy
In response to #1: You are correct. I wanted to start at the beginning and included the email. 
In response to #2: The issue is simply: I had a question and a problem. I did not know where to turn. So I turned to the software company that prompted the Twitter response. They originally were unavailable and then referred me to Twitter. 
MarketMeTweet quickly rectified the issue and informed me of their 14 day satisfaction guarantee and made everything good.  
The real issue is as an entrepreneur, there is not much time in a day to go backwards to troubleshoot. We look for great tools and services which will provide more opportunity. When stuck, the ability to contact someone for support would be great.  
There are predators and opportunists setting up plans to milk money as fast as they can via quick software and neither be available or back up their product.  
It turns out that Marketmetweet proved that they are not such a company and in fact just upgraded their product. (which I have of yet been able to grab and try, on my list) 
So the experience of trial, error, reboot, spend time working problems out via email / phone can put the cost of a small $39 turns into $200.  
Daryl, It is very good to have you take a few moments to dig deeper. Great to see! 
Tammy, It is good to see you are on the spot taking care of business. Makes me smile... way to go! 
If only I can find the time to give the upgrade a try now. :) 
Posted @ Tuesday, May 18, 2010 6:09 PM by Michael Hartzell
When I first heard about them my first thought as a developer was to figure out how *they* did it and do it myself:  
Build my own app I can host which offers the branded tweet feature for just me from my own servers.  
Digging deeper I found that Market Me Tweet is taking advantage of old authentication methods where you can supply source attribution to tweets. 
This will all change soon as the old auth methods will be gone. 
Twitter has required OAuth for new apps for a while, but on August 16th 2010 they will be officially shutting off basic authentication on the twitter API.  
Here's more details on the dev site regarding source attribution: http://dev.twitter.com/pages/api_faq#attribution 
And here's a countdown site the twitter API team put up (which lists their feature as one of the issues fixed: http://countdowntooauth.com/ 
So basically the #1 selling feature for MarketMeTweet will be GONE in 5 days from today... why would I (or anyone) buy?
Posted @ Wednesday, August 11, 2010 5:05 AM by IT Support Guys
Wrong. We have NEVER used basic auth. Feel free to ask twitter themselves about it. Don't spread lies. ;) 
It's oauth that MAKES IT POSSIBLE so in 5 days everyone has to use oauth.
Posted @ Wednesday, August 11, 2010 6:33 AM by Tammy
The power of the Internet to bring the world together. This would not have happened even five years ago. Blessing and a curse. 
Since the point of this post was to enhance service awareness in entrepreneurs and improve communication back in March, and the goal was achieved, can't say too much more. I will surely not dive into the technical aspects. Way over my head. 
The links to the countdown are interesting. 
Tammy has historically made a promise and kept a promise each step of the way. 
Hopefully there will be smooth sailing after August 16th. (that is the birthday of my one near and dear, so a very special day) 
Isn't that the day Elvis died too? think so. I wonder if there is a connection. :) 
Posted @ Wednesday, August 11, 2010 11:40 AM by Michael Hartzell
Nice conversation :) I enjoyed reading the blog and comments! We cannot blame the app fully, Twitter itself does trial and error methods to find spammers and randomly blocks accounts. There was an incident last year, Twitter suspended all the users who were using TweetDeck, later they restored blocked accounts with a silly statement: 'that was a mistake'!!!  
Instead of putting restrictions on their API levels(as Facebook does), they are monitoring the activities of users and suspending accounts, most of the time their algorithm fails to find right spammers :( 
I have been using a tool called TweetTwain($25 one time payment), from a startup company, quiet satisfied with the tool, the best thing is that I can have my own API key. So, no worries on actions from Twitter because of illegal activities by other users using the same tool.
Posted @ Tuesday, September 21, 2010 5:20 AM by Ben Kevin
Thanks for stopping and adding to the conversation Ben. Good thoughts. 
MarketMeTweet is progressing so quickly that they are now "MarketMeSuite". It is more than a new name though as they have raised the bar a few times since this post was originally written.  
Again, thanks for sharing. 
Posted @ Tuesday, September 21, 2010 5:29 PM by Michael Hartzell
Thanks for the comment and yes, in the world of technology, it seems there is only fast, faster and rocket speed. Few companies escape growing pains when at rocket speed. It is great to see Market Me Suite leapfrogged and takes on the challenges in a positive way. 
Another reminder to do business with companies who can be contacted and offer service and not just a website. Thank you for the great words. 
Posted @ Tuesday, November 09, 2010 11:30 AM by Michael Hartzell
This software is very good for businesses. Loved to use it.
Posted @ Monday, April 01, 2013 6:32 AM by IT Support Los Angeles
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