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Everything is FREE! Video, Audio, White Paper. Free, Free!


Everything is FREEWhy do people make a big deal about free?
Think about what you can get for FREE already:

  • Free from government (yes, your taxes are already paying for this and they have tons online)
  • Free from your library (you would be amazed)
  • Free at YouTube (and many more video sites)
  • Free at Wikipedia
  • Free at Flickr
  • Free at Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Squidoo
  • Free at WikiHow
  • Free at Google
  • Free at Hubspot.com
  • Free at Sitefling.com
  • Free at ProBlogger.net
  • Free at ClickNews.com
  • Free at seomoz.org
  • Free at score.org
  • Free at download.com
  • Free at Justin.tv
  • Free, free, free.... The above are already a good resource... how many more ebooks, books, audio books, videos do you need?

OK, so you want to eat everything on the Internet Buffet?  Well it's your brain and your clock so try this:

Type "free" into Google search and get almost 3.7 BILLION results. (I said BILLION)  See you in a few years.

My prediction is:

MORE FREE STUFF - over the next 12 months the amount of FREE stuff available to YOU will DOUBLE.

You think it is hard to know what to pick now?  Just wait!
Free is standing out less and less as something of value.
Even the old days of 'buy one get one free' does not have as much meaning anymore.

I Predict:  "The world of information will be free"

Anyone can create something for free and the amount of free stuff becoming available is accelerating.
Free information is worthless unless it is relevant and can be applied.
So, what if it is free?
Your free report, free video, free audio, free white paper, free blog, free whatever... is quickly becoming not free.
Because it takes MY TIME which is becoming more and more valuable.

A person in a desert can get a free video or book about how to build a boat.

So what.

A person in the north pole can get a video about how to repair a freezer.

So what.

Be careful with free.
It may not be relevant.
It may not be applicable to your life.
There may be a million other free options also available.

Don't rush just because it is free.

Know what your goals are and what tools you need before paying attention to all the free stuff.
AND be sure the "free" thing is coming from a reputable source....

Here is something to watch for:  Authorities & experts who offer personal time to you for free, especially one on one or in small group settings.  It has been a standard practice for many years to see a professional CPA or Attorney for a free  "introduction" for 30 to 60 minutes.  At the end of the free visit, you can decide whether their services are of value and whether to continue receiving their services.  Remember... CPA's and Attorneys charge hundreds of dollars per hour (or thousands).  If you gain an opportunity to connect with an expert / authority in person ..... there may be gold and potential for gaining that perfect coach who will help you pave your way to your fortune.

That is my FREE ADVICE for you today.  (I am an expert on FREE  - at least I have the freedom to think so.)

Please remember my prediction as you start / build your business.  The information you may want to sell may not be so valuable.
Consider:  Speed, time savings, format and package before you start to sell something that is free (or will be soon).

Call me.  Let's do lunch the next time you and I are free at the same time.

AND please feel free to leave a comment below letting me (and others) know what you are looking for that you want to be free.  Chances are I know where to get it ... or someone else does.   What are you looking for that you can't yet find for free?


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