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SBA Offers New Program With Free Resources to Help Your Business Thrive

startupamericapartnershipStartup America Partnership may be the answer you are looking for when searching for  resources to help your business thrive.

Why this matters on a larger scale:

Social Media Marketplace Infographic Torture to Video Heaven


There is an infographic on Business Insider that will validate your feeling of confusion and distaste for social media marketing.  In a growing marketplace, no entrepreneur or small business owner can keep up. 

Killing Clever

If only someone had told me: "Don't be so clever" when I was a young smart mouth.  While the ultimate goal was to make people smile, my antics and craziness did not always prove to be truly helpful. (Sometimes I was not as clever or funny as I thought.)

The battle continues as my creative brain looks for ways to make people smile and feel great about the day and the opportunities that exist.  Quite a few years ago, I mostly killed 'clever' and I began to prioritize 'commitment' which is a necessary component to getting things done. 

Confusion About New Cookie Law in UK - Will it Spread to USA?

cookielawinukThe new browser cookie law in the UK goes into affect on May 26, 2012.  It has been a year since the law was put on the books which has given online marketing businesses opportunity to prepare.  Most are not prepared for the new law which does not allow cookies to be used without the consent.

Businesses marketing on the Internet in the UK are not ready.  According to a poll by the UK DMA, 47% of UK marketers aren’t confident that they’ve met the requirements. The confusion lies in what exactly constitutes “consent” from the consumer.

Microsoft Launches Which Automatically Shares Searches Publicly


You don't know it but Microsoft just launched in an experiment to more closely unite web searches and social networking.  It's not intended as a stand-alone social network.  The site is aimed at students looking to collaborate and share searches.

List of Infographic Software for Awesome Content and Link Building


Your inbound marketing plan includes creating infographics which will be helpful, relevant, cool and hopefully will change paradigms to the extent that many will share.  With over 2 million blogs are posted on the Internet each day, creating an awesome infographic can be a very effecitve guerrilla marketing tactic to stand out from the crowd. 

What is an Infographic? [infographic]

What is an infographic?

For the perfect explanation of what an infographic is, let's use an infographic.  Sure it seems like an overuse of the same word which endangers the article to be left out of search engines.  Regardless of the consequences, you can't always live life based on what a search engine might think.  Here is a visual overview (Which is an infographic) about the structure, character and statistics of an infographic.  (Which you will then be able to create.)


When there is no solution...


Confidence can quickly turn to mush when it appears that there is a barrier with no solution.  This is especially true when it comes to people.  Forcing people to think, believe, feel and act in a way to your liking is impossible.  Daily you have conversations with people you would love to see going a different direction.  If only they would cooperate with you.  If only they could see the light (because you have the answer they need.)

So You Want to Start a Business [infographic]

Business Insurance Infographic

Starting a business in a garage is plenty different than investing in a new building, employees, lawyers and erp systems.  Regardless of the size and scope the reference to "starting a business" remains the same.  If you have already started a business, you may need a checklist to backtrack and review what was missed.  I have just the thing for you.

Email Marketing Statistics You Probably Don't Know but Should

email statistics

Email is invisible and silent.  There are email marketing statistics which serve as a reminder that people use email more than ever.  While over 3 billion email accounts exist around the globe, you may be thinking the same as you did in 1999 and are saying to yourself:  "I don't feel it, see it or hear about it so email is a low priority and not be a big deal."

Four Warm Weather Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Small Business

door hangersSummer is fast approaching, and small business owners may be trying to come up with creative guerrilla marketing to promote their business. wants to share some relatively inexpensive ideas that you can use to promote your business and attract customer loyalty.

For Contractors and Home Service Businesses:

A Great List of 13 Online Scheduling Software Programs


Before you receive the complete list of online scheduling software for making appointments online, TimeTrade has become my favorite.  TimeTrade offers an opportunity to control your calendar based on your needs.  The price is right at $49/year and with the option to make as many pages as needed is a big plus. 

TOP 250 Internet Retailers On Social Media


As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you will review the social media data about the top 250 Internet retailers seen in the infographic below and you may begin to feel inadequate and small. 

What is Biznik? Matt Lawrence gives the answer


Is Biznik another social media platform?  There is such a buzz about social media that you may be too busy clicking each day (with the hope that a click will make new magical relationships) to stop and look elsewhere.  You may want to pause and ponder your marketing plan if you are relying on clicks alone. 

Australia Betters United States with Internet Penetration Rate [chart]


Is the Internet still in infant stage?  If you are looking at the Iceland, the 97.8% penetration rate for the small population is an indication that the Interent is a way of life.  Australia's Internet penetration rate of 89.8% shows that the long history of "behind the US" in trends no longer applies as the USA statistics show a 78.3% rate.

Banner Ad Statistics [infographic]


Banner ads are so attractive and appear to sizzle on the website screen.  When you look at e-magazines or websites which are monetized based on the number of ad clicks, you will find the banner ads more appealing than the content and cover about as much real estate on he web page.

The Difference Between the Successful Entrepreneur and Failure


What does it take for an entrepreneur to have success?  What is the difference between a successful entrepreneur and the hard working failing entrepreneur?  According to Corcoran, it is about how they take the hit.

Interest in Pinterest [infographic]


Pinterest had 2.3 billion page views in March which proves the users haven’t lost interest in pinning.  Facebook gave Pinterest its big break the trend continues with 20% of Facebook users on Pinterest every day and Pinterest users spend an average of 14.2 minutes on the site per visit.  It appears the demographics is beginning to even out (men vs. women).  When you look at March 2012, the site is 72% women and 28% men, compared to 80% women and 20% men in February. 

Google Drive is Launched as a Free Cloud Storage Service


If you haven't yet read the news about Google Drive on Tuesday, take a few moments catch up.  Google Drive has been launched and you can store up to 5GB data for free in the cloud. 

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