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Nominations are open, its your move

small business awards

If your business model is one which requires a personal sales process and proposals, are you ready to reach out to the leadership of a company to say:

Teen Invents Flashlight That Lights From Body Heat. It Could Change the World

flashlight invented uses body heat

Ann Makosinkski is 16 years ald and about to change the world.  She has just invented a flashlight that is powered completely from body heat.  She did not win first place at the science fair competition.  You have to wonder what science project was in first place.

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Fantasy or reality? Getting over the hump and making eggs obsolete

treasure map

I am sorry to hear that your life continues to have large hurdles both as an Internet entrepreneur and in your personal relationships. The struggles you have endured with health are more than enough for anyone to endure and stay positive.

Voters Approve $15 per hour Minimum Wage in Seatac WA - Jan. 1, 2014

minimum wage 15 hour seatac wa

Voter approval of the $15-an-hour minimum wage measure in the city of SeaTac was officially confirmed Tuesday.  Proposition 1 also requires affected business to provide up to 6.5 days a year of paid sick leave for full-time employees. Businesses will be required to offer additional hours to part-time employees before bringing on more workers.

Fiscal Cliff Notes: The Disconnect Between the Media and the Real World

fiscal cliff

A week ago you read the story and watched a video on FOX News here.  The dramatic news story made a point that things are bad...very bad. And things are going to get worse.  David Lightfoot is in the thick of business reality and offers his thoughts and perspectives regarding the "fiscal cliff":

Heroes on the Homefront: New Report Highlights Veterans' Contributions as Job Creators


I’m excited to announce the release of a report by the Interagency Task Force on Veterans Small Business Development called “Heroes on the Homefront: Supporting Veteran Success as Small Business Owners.”  This is the second report of its kind where task force members from seven agencies have come together to collaborate on small business issues that are unique to Veteran business owners.

Mars Landing via a Live Online Streaming Watched 11.5 Million Times


Will the Internet soon be on Mars?  NASA Television in High Definition on UStream has already been viewed over 11.5 million times and as of this moment, there are over 138,000 viewers watching the high definitiion stream via UStream.

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All 50 States to Pay Internet Sales Tax if Marketplace Fairness Act Passes


In the news is more discussion about the implications of the Marketplace Fairness Act, which would mandate businesses in every state to collect internet sales taxes based on the destination of products purchased.  Is the "no tax" policy for Internet purchases an unfair loophole or legitimate?

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Entrepreneurs Can Raise Money with ROCK THE POST Crowdfunding

rock the post

Rock The Post is a crowdfunding website designed to fund small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits.  It is a new tool for entrepreneurs to leverage networks, reach out to new contacts, and fill in the missing pieces of their projects.  Rock The Post provides budding businesses with the means necessary to amass resources and flourish.

The Top Five Engineering Firms in Puget Sound Area


This is truly a business success story that shows the top five engineering firms in the Puget Sound area of Washington State.  If your engineering firm is not in the top five for revenue in 2011, you will contact me and I will help to change your marketing reality.

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